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6 Marketing Tips for a Minimum Viable Product Launch

6 Marketing Tips for a Minimum Viable Product Launch

Monday July 29, 2019,

4 min Read

Marketing Strategy

The world has progressed and a lot of things that were considered quite immaterial in the past have now gained prominence. A minimum viable product or MVP is in simple terms a basic version of the product the company wishes to launch in the market. Once the product enters the market opinion of the customers is taken and, basis that further improvement in its features are made. Since the MVP forms the basis of future sales marketing it is of utmost importance and here are 5 sure shot successful ways to do so.

Targeted communication

Since you are only launching a basic product your marketing communication efforts need to be slightly different. Here you are not asking the customer to buy your product, but looking for customers who would be willing to contribute in its further development. Hence the right communication strategy needs to be formulated as then only you can persuade the right target customers to support you. A start-up incubator helps you in planning your marketing plan and use it to reach the correct people.


Digital marketing is key

In today’s world, your MVP has to use maximum digital marketing sources to make an impact. You need to find people who do not have a problem experimenting with new products and such people can be found on digital channels only. Use search terms that they would be using, content optimisation and social listening tools to reach out.

Explain what your MVP is

Whether it is software or a physical product you would have to explain to the customer what your product is all about. Define the strategy of your content marketing plan, decide what kind of content efforts you would need, and support your arguments using credible facts. You need to share what the customer does not know already and then convince them to join hands with you.

Make it trustworthy

Your customers would be willing to accompany you only if they believe in your product. Explain to them your expertise and the way you have worked on the project to deliver the MVP. Also, enhance their knowledge about the product as such and what needs it could fulfil for the customers. Here you must know what challenges launching this product hold for you so that you can tackle the same.

Creating a buzz

Once you have got your things planned out you would have to create a buzz around your MVP. Doing that is not tough provide you know the right marketing strategy to emulate. Here are a few pointers that you can work upon.

  • Blog creation
  • Secure backlinks and build domain authority
  • Building relationships with publications and other influencers
  • Cross-promotion of content shared on social media to garner eyeballs
  • Build your own website and sharing press kit, impactful copy, and your brand story.
  • Using a smartphone app to make the people aware of what you are offering
  • Affiliate programs to get in more sale conversions.

Measuring success

Measure the key performance indicators to see whether you are moving in the right direction or not. The efforts you are putting in marketing the product should be traceable and able to deliver sales within a set period of time. Once you know what is working in your favour there is no looking back for you.


Our marketing landscape has shown a major change in the last few years. The manner in which people consume information nowadays is much different from how they did it earlier. If your product needs some finishing before finally entering the fray these tips would be helpful in breaking through. Conduct researches and understand customer behaviour to know more else take professional help to handle your MVP marketing in a focussed manner.