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5 Secret Things You Didn't Know About IoT

5 Secret Things You Didn't Know About IoT

Friday July 12, 2019,

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Secret About IoT

With the emergence of the term “Internet of Things”, nothing now seems imaginary.

It is past when we were waiting for something to come up in IoT.

The technology of IoT has created a lot many innovative devices which help us every day with several activities.

Well, it is a secret, we were using something developed with the assistance of IoT, but we couldn’t accept that until the term officially introduced.

That is one, and there are still several secrets in IoT to add in the list. Some things are quite unsung about IoT. Let’s take a glimpse of those secrets.

Secret #1. IoT Devices Will Surpass The Population

It is expected to have more than 64 billion IoT devices across the world in 2025 among the population of around 8 billion.

It is almost 8 IoT devices per person, which is a massive number for a human to handle particular technology.

This figure shows how much this technology of IoT will embrace in human life and utilized for their day-to-day tasks.

Secret #2. First IoT Device Was Launched In 1967

Earlier this decade, nobody had even imagined that they would be connecting things to the internet and getting the tasks done.

But to our surprise, a device that has been helping us for decades now to get our money at any time of the day is an example of the technology of IoT.

Yes, ATM (Automated Teller Machine or Any Time Money) is an example of IoT which we haven’t thought it could be until the introduction of this technology.

This technology of connecting the things amongst themselves to coordinate and function, have been there since ever we realized their presence.

Secret #3. Healthcare Sector Will Assist Patients With Iot Developed Devices

Looking at the growth of our day-to-day devices of IoT, we can understand that it is sure to grow shortly.

However, we are going to have a future in which hospitals and medical professionals will take the assistance of IoT to help patients with faster recovery and cut down on high expenses.

Reports say that over 60% of medical organizations have adopted IoT as a technology in their facilities across the world, and the market size of healthcare IoT is predicted to reach over USD 337 billion by 2025.

Thus, as the healthcare sector is adopting various technologies such as AI, AR/VR, biotechnology, etc. in the applications of medicine and equipment used, it is planning to consider the technology of IoT on a significant part to aid humans to recover speedily.

Secret #4. Your IoT Device Can Open A Passage For The Hackers

Anything connected to the internet is suspicious to get caught by an attacker on the web. The similar thing goes with IoT devices.

Experts noticed that in 2018, there were more internet security attacks than it happened in 2017.

An unprotected IoT device is a gateway to the hackers for all the malware practices they could carry on.

Thus, we feel more at ease with an internet device doing our task; however, it can malfunction anytime if it is not secured and can spread viruses in the entire internet because of a single device.

Secret #5. IoT to Bring Agile Environment In Offices

Being a manager, you need to keep yourself updated on the ongoing of the projects assigned to your team.

With the help of shared connectivity of the devices, it is easier for the team to stay connected with each other on every step of the project, bringing the agile environment to life.

IoT sensors those are in the forms of the infrared, microwave, or ultrasonic connect devices and collect data to communicate to provide details on the office usage to help save a lot of expenditure.

It will be visible in the coming future, more of the corporate setups will adopt the technology of IoT for daily interactions internally and utilize technology for reducing human labor and making it affordable.

The Future Is Still Unseen!

The above mentioned are the predicted facts based on the present scenarios and calculations.

The technology is sure to hold a lot of secrets in its treasure box and unfold much more in the coming future.

However, there are a lot of things yet to unfold which may have been there since ages but remained hidden from us in the ecosystem such as that of ATM.

We would love to hear from you those stories of the examples of IoT technology remaining by our side since long and how it helped with human tasks.

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