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5 Top Marketing Methods for New Product Announcements

It goes non-stop even after the process of development. Once the company is all set for launching a new feature, they will need everyone to acknowledge it.

5 Top Marketing Methods for New Product Announcements

Wednesday September 04, 2019,

5 min Read

5 Top Marketing Methods for Announcements of New Feature

Adding a new feature of the company demands 5 marketing methods. In fact, it goes non-stop even after the process of development. Once the company is all set for launching a new feature, they will need everyone to acknowledge it. 

The customers get flooded by the content daily. So, there must be something that assists in gaining their attention effectively. 

Firstly, the announcements should be clear that may get into the mind of existing plus possible customers. They may understand the working of the new feature and also the alterations that are applied to the workflow if any. 

To communicate the improvements successfully, it’s important for the businesses to develop a strategy. So, you may follow the following tips while announcing a new feature. 

1. Write a Blog Post

When it comes to the blog, it's already with most of the companies that are read by current and possible users. This makes it the most profitable way to promote new launches. You too should go for writing a blog post that should hold the information for handling new features to assist the users and instructions that will state the ways of using it. Once the customers get how the update is going to influence their experience, they will definitely love to try it. 

Moreover, blog posts can also enhance SEO and boost awareness of the product of the company. 

2. Send Emails

According to the statics, in 2017 there were approx 3.8 billion email users all over the globe, and as per the expectation of the research firm, this number is going to touch 4.4 billion users by the end of 2023. Well, one of the best ways to make the customers more engaging is email also. Generally, the companies would find it helpful using it when a new feature is about to come into the market. 

There are many ways that the companies may follow for using email for announcing their new update. They are also capable of sending the mass email to all the customers defining their new feature and link where they can give it a try. Companies can also divide their audience as per their manner of using the product so that they can also send the users more personalized emails. 

Still, you should not forget to avoid bombarding the inboxes of the customer to restrict them from marking your emails as spam or ignoring them. 

3. Add a Video or an Image

Obviously, visuals are acknowledged as the best way for the companies to earn and keep the attention of the customers. Attaching a short video or a screenshot will assist the customers in getting in a better way about the working of the feature and its relevant benefits. Content gets to break up through the visuals and will make the customer more clear about the update. 

You can set a video on the email newsletter, website or blog from Vimeo or YouTube. You may also pick Facebook Live or Instagram Stories to reveal the users a short intro about the new feature before and after its launch. 

4. Create the Social Posts

Social media is in use today by most of the customers to get engaged with the brands, and the companies should handle all the social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram to build a trust, pre and post-release of the new feature. 

 A short piece about the launch along with the feature’s image would prove to be an efficient way to convey the users about the launch. The post is essential to be kept relaxed and let your brand’s name shine through to attract the users towards your business website or blog for more details about the new release. 

5. Drive a Webinar

Next, another way out to launch a new feature is hosting a webinar. You can drive a webinar to make the current and new user educate on the how-tos, benefits and best practices relevant to the update of the product. You may share the demos, provide the training, reveal the examples of the way of using that new update. 

This will allow you to showcase the users about the working of the launch and answer their queries if any in fact, on the spot. You should be sure to spread everything about the webinar through the company’s social media, email newsletter, blog, and everywhere else where you find your customers with maximum attendance. 

Well, this is not the much, there exist various things that the companies should refer while rolling out a new update. 

There are numerous things the companies should keep in mind when rolling out a new feature. It’s crucial that you focus on what the feature means for customers and how it will impact their jobs. Companies that nail their feature announcement by showing customers what they can achieve will increase their product adoption rates.