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Working from home? Here are the 5 wellness tips to manifest positivity at your home workstation during Covid-19

Regardless of the dominating environment, becoming vigilant of our mood in today’s pandemic is the only key to manifesting a wonderful well-being and will help stop wandering into horrific wonders.

Working from home? Here are the 5 wellness tips to manifest positivity at your home workstation during Covid-19

Tuesday April 21, 2020,

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With a phenomenal aim to strenuously prioritize mental health and beyond in the midst of the pandemic Covid-19, the “chhapaak” starring “Deepika Padukone”, who was diagnosed with clinical depression in 2014, will go live on instagram with the WHO chief “Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus” on Thursday at 7.30pm IST. As the uncertain prognosis, looming severe shortage of resources and  imposition of unfamiliar public health measures that infringe on personal freedoms, large and growing financial losses are undoubtedly contributing to widespread psychological emotional distress  associated with Covid-19. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has also forced millions of people working from home world-wide. The chaos of the pandemic can wreak havoc on workflow and productivity. Today, due to constant exposure to wilderly numbers and predictions in news channels and having an intense fear of contamination, imbibing a potential distraction and massive psychological impact on people who are working from home and vulnerable to severe mental illnesses. Staying positive and optimistic while working from home during the time of pandemic can be heavily challenging. As remaining optimistic in the wake of social distance and isolation, dystopian and constant bombarded news about the virus, possible loss of income, communal grief, uncertainty, and gripping fear, requires conscious effort and continuous mindfulness.  

It’s terrifically critical to your mental well-being and immune system, as people with mental upheavals are prone or susceptible to various flu or inflammations as your body immune system reacts abnormally which diminish the capability of it’s function. The hindrance caused by the pandemic, even giving hard time to those individuals having sunniest of outlook. 

Regardless of the dominating environment, becoming vigilant of our mood  in today’s pandemic is the only key to manifesting a wonderful well-being and will help stop wandering into horrific wonders.

Accommodating our mind into calm and constructive wellness activities at times of uncertainty will help us navigate through difficulties and find a path towards making ourselves more resilient while working from home. Thus, here are below 5 tips you can do, starting today to improve and enhance your positive outlook while working from home. 

Remember! Your workplace should be a sacred space where you are able to find a sense of comfort in your work environment and can help you feel positive, healthier and happier. A sense of wellness has to permeate into our workstation considering the kind of stress & pressure we are going through during the time of pandemic Covid-19. It should be more like a protective zone, which will increase your chances of work getting fulfilled and accelerate success which will be slim to none. 

Fabricating a Positive Workstation 

There should be a separate workstation so that one can concentrate while working from home. It would be great if the work desk is stationed somewhere near a window or a balcony door so that one can welcome sunlight, fresh air & a view of plants & birds during the day. Try to have an ergonomic setting of your table & chair so that you keep your posture right while working the whole day. Keeping one or two indoor plants near your work desk will help to make it interesting. Keep your laptop charger wires & other stuff neatly on your desk to avoid overwhelm. A family pic and/or motivation quotes around you will help to make you feel positive overall. Keep your notes diary & pen handy at your desk. It will always help to keep some colorful artifacts around you to make the atmosphere a little cheerful. 

De-clutter Your Workstation 

Avoid pilling up files and unnecessary stationery in your workstation. All the finished or unfinished products at work must be kept away from your workstation, as this ensures a clutter-free workspace. Clutter is responsible for the confusion and problems all around and it leads to distraction; thus, a clean desk reflects power which enhances positivity and creates a tranquil workspace that will attract your mind to put a focus on and will increase your productivity. It is important to de-clutter your work desk once in a few days because physical clutter translates to mental clutter. With a cluttered desk, it might get overwhelming for you to work productively, given that you are already working from home where there are other distractions too.

Gratitude Notes in workstation and how to manifest

It is a great morning practice to write at least 5 things you are grateful for. It helps to shift the focus from negative to positive, from scarcity to abundance. One can write the gratitude statements on post it notes & put them on the work desk everyday. This will raise the vibrations of your work desk and help you stay grounded & positive. You can also compile affirmations and prayers that you resonate with & stick them near your work desk. Whenever you take work breaks, it is a good idea to read the affirmations & gratitude statements. This will instantly refresh your mind after a tiring meeting or presentation.

Crystals to imbibe positivity at workstation 

Selenite is a great crystal to spread light & positivity around. Black tourmaline absorbs negativity & is great to shield you from negativity that can creep in during these lockdown times. Shungite is a great crystal to reduce the effects of electromagnetic radiations around you. You can place it near your wifi router, laptop & other devices to reduce the EMF pollution effects on you & your family. Clear quartz is great for energizing you after a tiring meeting. Just hold it in your left hand with eyes closed for 5 minutes and visualize beautiful energy entering your body & soul. You can combine this exercise by holding black tourmaline in your right hand and visualize all the tiredness & unwanted energy draining into the black tourmaline. Tiger eye is very effective in eliminating the scattered brain & it allows us to make confident decisions. Green Aventurine neutralizes stress and anxiety from work, allowing us to keep calm.

Lepidolite is known as the Peace Stone, making it one of the best crystals for peace. It improves our overall mood, calms us, soothes us, and reduces our anxiety with a peaceful sense of happiness.  Sodalite is a great crystal for peace because it turns fear and stress into peaceful feelings.It also helps in better communication & can help while making crucial presentations & meetings. Fluorite is great for healing and rejuvenating the mind and body. You can close your eyes & sit quietly with Fluorite & imagine your energy body being filled with an incredible energy that puts you at ease with yourself and the world. Pyrite, also known as abundance stone, is great to put over your business card to manifest abundance at work. 

Don’t forget to clean your crystals regularly to harness their maximum energy.

Meditate, Do Pranayam and Stay Hydrated!

It is important to take short breaks to maintain productivity at work. Being summer, it is a good idea to get up for a water break once in 30 minutes at least. Even if you keep a water bottle alongside you, walking to the kitchen for water will help your physical body get some much needed movement. 

Mentally you should give break often. Few iterations of square breathing once in 2 hours is a great way to boost your mind & body. Square breathing is basically the sequence of inhalation - holding breath - exhalation - holding breath - all for equal time spans. So you can count mentally 1 to 4 in inhalation, then again counting 1 to 4 as you hold your breath, and so on & so forth. 

You can also chant any mantra while taking a work break for 1 or 2 minutes. While attending online meetings, where there is nothing much your hands are doing, you can utilize that time to do Yoga Hast/Hand Mudras and harness their energies. Pran Mudra is one of the best options to practice while attending meetings or reading articles, where your hands are free essentially. 

You can also do -

  1. Dress up like you would do while going to office so as to feel good in general
  2. Go out on your terrace/balcony once or twice a day to get some fresh air, sunlight & hear birds chirping
  3. Say yes to distractions rather than getting irritated from them, because you cannot avoid them while working from home. Like kids, TV sounds, kitchen sounds & more.