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5 Trends Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In 2020

5 Trends Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) In 2020

Tuesday April 02, 2019,

6 min Read

You must be aware of the immense influence that Artificial Intelligence trends have created among technology enthusiasts. They keep track of the latest news on artificial intelligence to stay updated.

If you are interested in knowing the trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2020, you must be conscious of the fact that in the last year 2018, innumerable platforms, applications, and tools that were based on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning grabbed a deal of attention.

Such technology trends played a vital role in the software and the Internet industry. Moreover, the influence of such trends on areas like healthcare, manufacturing, automobile, and agriculture must be taken into account.

The advancement of ML and AI-related technologies promises prosperity in 2020, or even in the coming years. The fact given below is sufficient to support the massive influence of Artificial Intelligence in the market.

Highly-reputed companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, and many more like this are investing so much in the research and development of AI. and, it seems that this will fill the gap between consumers and AI.

Moreover, we found it necessary to enlist some Artificial Intelligence (AI) trends in 2020 to help you understand much better.

5 top trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2020

1. Facial Recognition

Although facial recognition faced a great amount of negative press recently, it is still considered the future of AI owing to its considerable fame. It seems to rule in 2020, or even further.

Artificial intelligence future

Facial recognition is an Artificial Intelligence form, which helps identify a person with the patterns of their facial features and digital image.

2020 and 2021 will witness an increase in the facial recognition technology use with more reliability and enhanced accuracy. Therefore, this technology has made its own value in the list of top trends in artificial intelligence given in this blog.

Let’s have two examples: the use of Facebook’s Deepface program to easily tag users’ friends and families in their photos, and the utilization of facial recognition in the popular IPhoneX as a digital password.

Nowadays, everything is being personalized, advertising, shopping and so on. Due to this, the use of this technology will be given preference for biometric identification.

Moreover, its easy deployment and non-invasive identification will make it more conveniently and smoothly usable.

Other uses like payment processing through security checks and for law enforcement (for early detection prevention of crime) will also rule.

Facial recognition technologies are capable of making their own place in the healthcare sector as well for following through clinical trials and medical diagnostic procedures.

Openwater, which is an imaging technology forerunner able to read an image from our brains, seems to have a golden future.

2. Deep Learning

An Artificial Intelligence form called deep learning develops algorithms known as artificial neural networks working by modelling the structure and function of the human brain.

Artificial intelligence technology

The demand for machine learning is widely known, however, jobs related to deep learning have increased 35 fold between 2015 and 2017.

Innumerable developers are leveraging the latest deep learning innovation technologies to take their business to the next level. All this must sufficient to let know the value that this AI technology has earned.

There are innumerable fields of Artificial Intelligence technology like autonomous vehicles, computer vision, automatic text generation and the like, where the demand and use of deep learning are increasing.

3. Cloud

As per an expert report, the biggest public cloud providers will rise in 2020 and 2021, and enterprise spending will have an increase too.

Best AI chatbot

Six famous hyperscale cloud leaders Amazon Web Service (AWS), Google, Alibaba, Microsoft Azure, IBM, and Oracle will increase in 2020, according to the report prediction, as global regions and service catalogues expand.

Meanwhile, the world cloud computing market including SaaS, and business solutions will go beyond $200 billion in 2020, the rise of above 20%, according to the prediction of the report.

4. AI-enabled chips

Artificial Intelligence is dependent on specialized processors completing the CPU. Even, it may not be possible for the highly-advanced CPU to improve the speed of training an AI model.

Top Artificial Intelligence trends

During inferencing, the model needs extra hardware for the complicated mathematical computations for making tasks faster like object detection and facial recognition.

In 2020 and 2021, chip manufacturers like Intel, NVIDIA, ARM, Qualcomm, and AMD will ship advanced chips that can make the execution of AI-enabled applications faster.

These kinds of chips will be optimized for specific utilization and scenarios related to speech recognition, computer vision, and natural language processing.

Automobile and healthcare industry future apps will rely on these chips to render intelligence to end-users.

The year 2020 will also witness the investment from hyperscale infrastructure organizations like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google in custom chips which are based on field programmable gate arrays (FPGA) and application specific integrated circuits (ASIC).

These chips will also be used for running modern workloads based AI and high performance computing (HPC). some of these chips will also be helpful for advanced databases to make query processing and predictive analytics much better.

5. Privacy and Policy

The GDPR introduction receives a great deal of attention in 2018. And, the year 2020 is likely to experience further privacy and policy conversations. It’s necessary for privacy safety and sincere access to data privacy.

Machine learning vs artificial intelligence

Mostly, people are unaware of the way in which their digital information used. It happens quite often that such information is lost and many times not even informed about the use of it.

The best example is Facebook’s most recent issue concerning privacy policies. Privacy and policy will also become important in 2020 and 2021.

The matter of consent of use of a system, especially round AI apps can be huge if the laws surrounding AI are still new and need further understanding.

Each and every country of this world is likely to keep on working on initiatives and strategies for the Artificial Intelligence (AI) regulation development guidance.

Standard required to ensure the transparency, safety, and awareness of the complicated technologies of AI will be made too. It ensures the bright Artificial Intelligence future.


Having read top 5 trends of Artificial Intelligence (AI) 2020, you must be in a position to estimate the importance of trends in AI like AI-enabled chips, facial recognition, deep learning, Cloud, and privacy and policy in this digitally-powered world.

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