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5 Unconventional Ways to Prepare for an Engineering Entrance Exam

5 Unconventional Ways to Prepare for an Engineering Entrance Exam

Thursday January 31, 2019,

3 min Read

Yes, you are right. None of the engineering entrance exams are scheduled for the next five months at least. So what is the rush? However, if you really want to get in one of the best engineering colleges in Maharashtra or any other state, it is time to start now. By starting out early, you will clearly understand various concepts and be prepared to excel at entrance exams such as SITEEE and JEE. The following are a few tips to prepare for an entrance exam and get ready to study at your dream engineering college.

1. Prepare mentally

The first way is to prepare your mind to study for an entrance exam and perform well. By preparing your mind mentally, you will get rid of any anxiety, stress or low self-esteem. This will create a positive mindset and help you focus on your study material.

2. Identify what you are good at

If you are planning to study at one of the best colleges for engineering, you should already know the syllabus. From the various concepts included in the syllabus, identify subjects and topics that are your strengths as well as those that are your weak areas. Start preparing with your weak subjects. By doing this, you will get to work on your weaknesses and eventually turn them into your strengths by the time the entrance exam comes around. 

3. Prepare your own questions

You already have a rough idea of what you have to prepare for. You might have reference books too. Instead of just answering questions, make your own questions. For example, read one paragraph and think of 2-3 questions. By making your own questions, you will be able to critically understand every concept.

4. Create your own cheat-sheet

Yes, there are cheat-sheet books available on the market. However, these cheat sheets won’t have the same impact on your learning until you make a cheat sheet of your own. Whenever you are taught a new formula or a new shortcut, write them down in your cheat-sheet book. Not typing, not reading, only writing will boost your memory and help you retain concepts.

5. Practice and practice

Once you are familiar with the basic concepts, consider solving mock tests. This will help you understand where you stand and how much you still need to prepare. Remember, that 70% of exam preparation is practice. The more you push yourself to learn and practice, the better you will perform.

These are simple yet unconventional ways that can help you start preparing for an engineering entrance exam. The earlier, the better. Start now and get ready to study at one of the best B. Tech colleges in Pune. All the best!