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5 Visual Marketing Tips for Your Business

5 Visual Marketing Tips for Your Business

Thursday April 25, 2019,

4 min Read

In a world of visual marketing, it's never been harder to engage customers with visual content. It seems the market is a never-ending race of videos and images for customer’s attention. Brands produce beautiful, passionate and creative visual content, constantly razing the already high bar. On top of that, cutting edge technology pushes visual marketing strategies even further: visual marketing is ever-changing, fast-paced and will surely keep you buzzy just trying to keep up. So is there a way for brands to stand out and be noticed? Yes, there is! Scroll down for our 5 visual marketing tips that’ll help your business to succeed.



Tip 1:  Make your life easier with quality digital signage soft   


Your target audience, for the most part, is Generation Z and Millennials, both can spot poor quality visuals a mile away, appreciate custom visuals and are all about authenticity and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, some research attests that you only have 8 seconds to grab their attention and the first impression of your visual content will be formed within 50 milliseconds. Great digital signage software will give you a fighting chance against the statistics. Find a company that invests in great visuals, produces beautiful eye-catching designs and follows the trends. If your software company will do all of the above mentioned then you won’t have to. As an example – check out the Kitcast TV digital signage software. They are a young company that became increasingly popular for its Apple TV app for digital signage. Within minutes of downloading the app, you’ll be creating a truly compelling DS visual content.


Tip 2: Custom design is the King


There is no reason whatsoever to use stock imagery in 2019. It looks cheap to the point that your company will be perceived as unable to produce a quality product and unwilling to grow with time.  Research shows that when opening up a new website or scrolling through brands social media page most of the attention goes to the visual content and not to the copy. Therefore, if you are looking to attract new customers or, better yet, keep the existing ones, invest in professional quality custom images and videos.  All other strategies will fail this year.   


Another very important thing nowadays is authenticity. If you want to use photos of people to promote your business always use your actual staff. A Nielsen Norman heat maps study concluded that stock image photos with people are always ignored.


Tip 3:  Know your “where” and “how long”

More often than not there is a need for creativity and the never-seen-before approach to your visual marketing, though there are some areas that better left as they are. One of such things where you should follow the rules is the video length guidelines. There are tips and guidelines for the DOOH video length. Some platforms, like Twitter and Instagram, will limit your creativity themselves, though it doesn’t mean that someone is going to watch you 20-minute video on FB just because FB allows you to upload that 20-minute video. Video engagement will disperse after the two-minute mark. The research shows that 90-second videos engage most of the audience and right after that engagement drastically drops. Read-up on statistics and remember: short attention spans calls for short content, not a long one with prayers that someone will watch to the end.  


Tip 4.  Videos are everything

The importance of using videos for visual marketing cannot be overrated. The tip here is: use as many videos as possible to market your products or services. There’s nothing else to add here but numbers to inspire you on your video marketing journey:

  • In the US 75 million people watch videos every single day.
  • 95% of information is retained from watching a video an 10% from reading a text.
  • Revenue of those using videos to market grows 49% faster.
  • More than 500 hours of videos are watched on YouTube every single day.


The bottom line is: you won’t find a better way to market your product than with video content.


Tip 5. Pay attention to the visual search

Visual search is quickly growing. In the age of digital people expect to find any information they need within seconds. Pintrest is among those pioneering the visual search trend is now reporting 600 million visual searches monthly with their Lens feature. That is why brands are starting to incorporate visual search into their apps. Tip for those in retail: start ASAP, before your competition gets ahead.