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5 Factors To Consider While Hiring Meeting Rooms

Thursday November 03, 2016,

3 min Read

Whether you intend to hire meeting room for a team meeting, line up interviews or cracking an important deal, your purpose will determine what kind of meeting room will be most suitable for you to rent. Apart, from your objective, there are several guiding factors that you should consider while finalizing the meeting room; here are top 5 of them:

1. Location: This is the key factor while planning to take meeting room on rent. The location you chose should be accessible to all attendees, well developed and easily commutable. After all, you don’t want to make your attendees go through any inconvenience.

Tip: Search for the meeting rooms on rent located in or around business and financial hubs as they have good infrastructure, easy access, and accommodation facilities nearby to cater your requirements.

2. Number of Attendees: Make a list of attendees that you expect. This will help you organize things accordingly. After all, you don’t want to take a meeting room on rent that is either too cramped or too large.

Tip: A thorough RSVP will help you make an accurate list. Also, consider the layout of the meeting room you hire. In case there are presentations or videos to be delivered, you will need a layout which allows all the attendees to be able to view the screen. Hence, based on the agenda, the layout of the meeting room you rent will have to be determined.

3. Infrastructure: No matter what your objective is; to conduct any meeting, training or conference successfully, you will require proper Infrastructure. Hence, you need to inspect what kinds of facilities are provided in the meeting room you hire. This may include Wi-Fi access, charging points, projector, printers, electronic boards etc.

Tip: Based on your requirements, inspect the Infrastructure provided at the meeting room you intend to hire. Analyze whether the number of electronic points, devices and other assistance is sufficient. Also, seek information on the redressal measures in case there is a failure.

4. Support Staff: If the meeting that you are planning to conduct is going to last for a longer duration, you will definitely be having short breaks in between for lunch or refreshments’. In this case, you may require support staff to serve your attendees. Identify whether you will need to hire a support staff from space provider and seek the required information.

Tip: If you are opting for meeting room on hire along with support staff make sure you are inspecting the hygiene and hospitability of the staff. You will also need to ensure that the staff is in proper attire and reports on time as required. A proper briefing session will help.

5. Budget: Along with the responsibility to plan the event you will also be assigned a particular budget to do so and your success will be gauged on how well did you manage to execute within the assigned amount. Hence, budget is a very crucial factor while evaluating and selecting meeting rooms on rent. Fortunately, nowadays you have ample of pocket friendly options to choose from.

Tip: While evaluating options online, use ‘compare’ feature on the website which will give you a quick view of the amenities vis-à-vis the price you pay for them. Also, check the reviews of the property to get a better understanding of what you can expect.

Now that you are ready with the checklist, wish you a fruitful meeting!