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Best Long Distance Calling Solutions in your Budget

Thursday February 16, 2017,

3 min Read

Gone are those days when you were required to pay hefty phone bills for making long distance calls to your friends and family members who were living abroad. With the introduction of prepaid calling cards, making cheap international calls has become so easy these days. Calling US from India has become so cheap with the introduction of these prepaid phone cards, that there is hardly a difference of rates between international and domestic calling.

How does it work?

If you want to use the calling cards for long distance calling, you can do so easily. The calls can be made from any phone, be it a landline or a mobile device. The best part is that the calls are not charged to the phone bills, but the charges are deducted from the balance of the prepaid card account.

If the user is using the landline phone to dial the international number, he would need to dial in the access code followed by the pin number and the international phone number that he wants to talk to. It is as simple as making domestic phone calls. If the user uses a mobile device to make cheap international calls using these prepaid cards, all he would need is the app of the card company and he would be able to dial the number directly from the app, which would have exported all the contacts of the phonebook already.

Features of the calling cards

As already mentioned, the calling cards which are used for making long distance phone calls to abroad countries are prepaid by nature. This means that you can talk to your loved one till the time your card has active balance in it. This helps you put a limit on your expenses on international calling.

Apart from this, the calling cards come with many attractive features. These are mentioned below.

App based calling allows contacts from phonebook to be used for making long distance calls

Attractive and highly affordable call rates

Call rates are cheaper than ISD plans of all telecom operators in the country

Geography wise and Tailor-made plans to suit the needs of every individual

Calls can be made to more than 200 countries in the whole world

Services are accessible from all major telecom operators in the country

Availability of customer service on 24x7 basis

Additional bonus balance or free talk time on signup

Bonus balance on referring a friend

High quality calls without network issues

In terms of call rates, with these international calling cards coming into the picture, making a long distance call has become as good as making a domestic call. However, before using the services of these calling cards, you need to ensure that you are choosing a company that has a good reputation in the market and would be able to support you at the time of your need. Unlike many telecom operators, these companies should not shrug away from their responsibilities when it comes to supporting their customers at the time of need.