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CHAPTER-1 “Life is not the bed of roses”

A story of a small town girl with big dreams to conquer the world

Tuesday May 23, 2017,

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“Life is not the bed of roses”

This phrase keeps popping up her mind every time. Her journey of 25 yrs has been full of ups and down like any ordinary individual .Born as an elder daughter in family she was always bestowed with responsibilities. But did any one ever think what was going on in her mind. Let me introduce to you her journey of life.

A girl was born in a middle class family, father being a government servant and mother house wife. People said she was just like father and also commented that she would be lucky ….but was she?

Sine childhood she was a timid little creature who would always take a back seat. She lacked in confidence and was always had a fear in her heart. Fear of people not accepting her, fear of being rejected, fear of failure.

Her mother kept boosting up her spirit kept motivating her and she would get inspired though. She never shared what was gong on in her mind with any body. She was a dreamer and a good observer. Every person that she met she would observe their reactions and their behavior.

She was not that famous in school, she always feared that she would loose her friends. She had complex about her looks, her appearances and every thing else on the earth. But she always admired the confidence of her teachers, their dressing style, their looks and their life. She wanted to be like them and always dreamed of being a confident, good looking and successful girl who would live on her own terms, free of all fear and full of life and happiness.

With each passing day she was learning, she was growing. A little confidence was building up in her. People started noticing her. Teachers started appreciating her. Soon she was a top list of her most favorite teacher that she admired a lot and dreamed being like her. She inspired her to grow, to stand on own and be confident. It was the School annual function and she encouraged her to participate in oration. She had prepared a speech for her , with each day she was preparing to boost up her morale so that she would perform better . Now the timid little girl had gained a little confidence in her self. She practiced her speech every day after school and dreamed of performing extraordinarily. She dreamed of people clapping for her and audience cheering for her.

It was the annual function day and she was nervous. A mixed feeling of anxiousness, fear, hope and courage was going on in her mind. So she was on the stage, for the first time. Her hands were shivering with fear and anxiety. With shivering hands she was holding the mike. Fear had groped her, she was visioning people making fun of her, mocking her and then she got a glimpse of her favorite teacher. She had a pleasing smile on her face and eyes full of expectation and hope. The little girl had gathered immense confidence all of a sudden. Gathering all courage she spoke out her heart and gave extra ordinary performance. She was happy and her smiling face grew wide by appreciation she received by the favorite teacher. It was only her motivation that the little timid girl had given an extra ordinary performance. She wanted her teacher to be proud of her and yes she did .

All her friends cheered and appreciated her. She was at peak of her happiness. It was a most memorable day of her life.

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