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How can Tea & Coffee give amazing results to your health?

Tea and coffee are typical Indian beverages, consumed on a daily basis. 

Thursday November 03, 2016,

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 While you have been drinking tea and coffee all your life, have you ever wondered how these drinks are helping your health? To aware you, both tea and coffee have excellent health benefits and each, with its revitalizing properties and other features, takes care of your health, and keeps you in good spirit. Here’s how:

Tea & Its Benefits

Antioxidant Properties: Tea contains antioxidants, which protects your body from environmental pollutants, and prevents early ageing. Antioxidant properties also take away body’s rust and rejuvenate your skin, internally.

Lowers Cholesterol: Tea slows down cholesterol absorption from the large intestine. Black tea and green tea are excellent for reducing both serum cholesterol and LDL cholesterol and lowers down potential risks of heart attacks and other heart diseases. Simultaneously, your weight is also brought under control.

Prevents Blindness: Studies confirm that tea is also useful for preventing blindness. Due to its antioxidant properties, it improves eyesight and prevents blindness primarily caused by cataracts.

Boosts immunity: Green tea prevents bone loss, and boosts your immune system. Tea can tune up your immune cells, and enable them to reach their targets, faster. It also makes you stronger, lighter, and relaxed.

Improves digestive system: Herbal teas, especially chamomile, work wonders for those suffering from irritable bowel syndrome. Since herbal teas are antispasmodic, therefore it can improve your digestion capacity. If you are someone having nausea, ginger tea shall bring good results.

Fight cancer: According to research, if you have a family history of cancers, consuming tea on a regular basis, will help in preventing cancer, if not eliminating the chances of having it.

Calorie-free drink: Any tea comes with zero calories. It is unadulterated, and irrespective of its flavors and varieties; is the healthiest drink. Have it hot or cold; you aren’t consuming any calorie. You can also hydrate tea with ginger or cinnamon, to have more flavours and taste.

Coffee & Its Benefits

Controls Diabetes: Where tea is a medicine for heart health, coffee has medically-proven properties for controlling diabetes. Coffee is more protective towards type 2 diabetes. It increases the plasma levels of the protein SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin), which in turn controls biological activities of testosterone and estrogen (sex hormones). Both these hormones are responsible for the development of type 2 diabetes.

Reduces liver ailments: Liver cancer or liver disease, coffee prevents it. Research has confirmed that with more consumption of coffee, the risk of liver cancer is reduced by 40%. By drinking three cups a day, you can reduce the chances of liver cancer by 50%. Besides liver cancer, you can also prevent liver diseases. Daily coffee intake brings down the risk of primary sclerosing cholangitis- a rare disease in which the bile ducts in the liver.

Improves energy levels: Coffee significantly increases your energy and activates your brain. It contains a powerful stimulant, caffeine, which improves brain’s functions, lightens your mood, enhances memory power and concentration, and also helps in general cognitive functions. After consuming coffee, you also increase your stamina, and become more active, mentally as well as physically.

Burns Fat: The bitter-taste beverage is an excellent fat burning drink. Caffeine is a natural substance, ideal for burning 10% of fat in obese people, and 29% in normal individuals. Besides fat loss, coffee also increases your body’s metabolism rates by 3-11%.

Prevents Alzheimer’s & Parkinsonism: The hot beverage is an excellent tonic for preventing neurodegenerative diseases like Parkinsonism and Alzheimer’s. Such diseases are not genetic, however, if you have a family history, then regular coffee consumption can reduce the risk of such diseases by 65%, for the simple reason that the caffeine activates your brain’s nerves and improves your memory.

Fight Depression: Regular coffee drinkers have 20% lesser risk of being depressed. A refreshing drink, coffee lowers depression rates, and eventually reduces suicidal tendencies.

Improves skin quality: The hot energy drink also enhances the quality of skin, thanks to its anti-inflammation and anti-oxidation properties. Coffee treats your dark circles, and puffy eyes and significantly reduces cellulite. You can also scrub your face, exfoliate dead skin, and eliminate dead skin cells using coffee grounds. Gradually, your skin softens and can breathe. Coffee also tightens your skin and gives a brighter look.

To cut it brief; tea and coffee can deliver remarkable results for your mind, body and skin. By incorporating these beverages in your normal lifestyle, you can feel happy, lighten your mood and energize yourself throughout the day.

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