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Behavioural changes we need to make to be more successful

Everything great always begins with something small. So, start adopting these small changes in your daily routine to be more successful. 

Behavioural changes we need to make to be more successful

Tuesday April 18, 2017,

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A successful leader was once asked: What is his secret to success? He said, “One day I made a decision to stick myself to a daily routine of productive habits and I have been following that every single day of my life─everything else came up naturally.”

This suggests the first steps to something great are always small. The large part is convincing your mind to take the first step and keep going on with it. And what prevents us from taking the first step is the story at the back of our minds as to why we cannot become great.

“Most people spend their life searching for something big neglecting something small that they already have. This approach never lets them harness the energy that they already possess.”

And this is the most important behavior change that everyone needs to make to be successful in life. Without this single change, no matter what you do, you will never be able to gather an initial momentum.

Once you value what has been provided to you, it's time to implement other changes that I list down below. Let's have a look:

Clear Your Subconscious Mind of Unwanted Desires


Many people chase a dream just because they think it is an easy route to success. This means the real reason they enter a career is because of their desire to be successful and not because of the passion for pursuing it.

They have a very vague idea of what they are getting into. When they finally enter the field they are surprised by how different it actually is from what they pictured in their mind. This makes them lose hope and they are never able to make it big.

So the first question you should ask yourself is this: What one thing do I love the most and believe the most in?? It can be something as simple as making hot dogs to something as difficult as becoming a rocket scientist.

If you love your work without the thought of how much money you will make doing it, you will eventually be able to take your skill to a level where it will reap immense benefits for you.

Maximize Your Options


Maximize your options that other people give up on, like running around the park every morning, eating healthy food, giving some time to your hobby, spending quality time with loved ones to strengthen relationships and a lot more.

Find out the reasons why you gave up on your habits so that you can work on them. Don't say to yourself that you gave up on something because it was too boring. You need to work on finding happiness in everything that seems like a chore and then you will actually love doing it.

For example, if the gym seems like a boring idea, take a friend with you or make some new friends at the gym itself. Or if spending time with family seems like a mundane task then take your family to a place where you can have some fun.

Learn to Walk by Taking Only One Foot Forward at a Time


Thinking of making it big in a single go is a wrong approach to success. One needs to focus on taking a single small step first, take that properly, and then move onto the next one. Your first habit will give you the confidence to adapt the next one and so on.

For example, if you want to learn to start investing money a good approach would be to read as many books on how to do it properly, take advice from trustful people who do it on regular basis and then start with a small amount of money.

Most people will never spend time researching on their own and straight away take a word of those who want to deprive them out of their money.

Prioritize Wellbeing


Successful leaders know that they cannot achieve something great by biting more than what they can chew. The first thing they will encounter with this approach is a loss of creativity. Develop a strategy to deal with productivity by exercising, meditating or by developing a hobby. This will let you take your mind off of things.

If you want to be successful you have to be proactive when it comes to fitness and wellness. This will ensure that you don't sacrifice your health for the sake of achieving success.

In the end, it will be all about making these four positive habits a part of your daily routine. Everything else will automatically fall in line. 

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