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Family history books-A keepsake that will last generations

Monday July 31, 2017,

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Digital video cameras may have come a long way since the first generations that were clunky, hard to operate and extremely heavy. They now fit in our pocket,are light and in most case,a mobile phone has a most acceptable camera in its feature. As a result, whenever am in a family occasion, the video camera come out in force to record every minute of occasion.

It is important I put all this recordings in a family history book. I will have a keepsake of memories for future playback. It is easy for me to hand down from one generation to the other.Computers can play a big role also in creation of a family history book. I arrange my photos in a publishing program on my PC, add a descriptive text and convert the whole arrangement into a PDF. It is a fun project my whole family can be involved with.

Once i have all my files and text descriptions, i find many self publishing businesses online that will help me with all aspects of self publishing my book.

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