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Be a Super Hero, Give someone a Second Chance!

Building Technology for a greater good!

Be a Super Hero, Give someone a Second Chance!

Wednesday January 18, 2017,

4 min Read

Cliche as it sounds, all of us deserve a second chance to make our lives more memorable! Aguai Solutions in partnership with Gift your Organ Foundation brings to life a mobile app that helps you to pledge your organs for future transplants.

The app is now LIVE on both Google and Apple Play stores. The App was launched in a Gala event by Dr. Sudharshan Balal Chairman of Manipal Hospitals, Mr. Sudhir Hasija CEO of Karbonn Mobiles, Ms. Priyanka Shailendra CEO of Gift Your Organ Foundation and Bimlesh Gundurao CEO of Aguai Solutions.


Why Organ Donation is such a big thing and how does technology help here?

In India, over 500,000 people die just waiting for transplants, which is preventable. Challenge in awareness across the country that even after death your body can enable someone to live is one of the biggest reasons. While blood is one the largest tissue to be donated, few of the organs can be donated while being alive and many after life!

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Why did we do this?

Post our decision to sunset - India's first connected Healthcare platform that brings pharmacies online & connects Patients, Doctors & Distributors, we as a Team felt a huge void in our ability to create an impact in Healthcare.


When we looked at the next big problem to solve through technology that could have much larger impact in society at Large, we saw that Organ Donation process in India is broken. Hence we went about looking to address this problem through Mobile technology. Many a time, we find that while Organ Donation is a topic of discussion amongst few educated Sr. Citizens, the process to pledge is often cumbersome.

Hence GYO mobile app, helps you to pledge your Organs/Tissues in less than 3 minutes

Through our Platform & Products journey, we realised that its extremely critical to have partner to help you make an impact and have a reach. As Organ Donation is a key area and has regulations around it, it was important for us to work with a partner.

Gift your Organ Foundation has been working in this area for over 5 years. Given their impact in this field, Govt affiliation and good will in the CSR area, it was prudent to TEAM up with GYO to realise our Vision of using Technology to make an impact. Their registration and affiliation with ZCCK ensures that the data is well protected and managed into the Govt. Organ and Transplant registry

This is the largest CSR effort taken by a Startup in India and we are extremely proud of it. When we put this up in front of team, the excitement of the team was over whelming. It was no longer asking people to deliver a functionality on time, it was more of managing their enthusiasm to contribute and prioritising their ideas in collaboration the GYO foundation.


When the app went live, it was such a humbling experience of our DREAM & VISION coming to life, that was thought off at the deepest abyss of the company's journey and how we used this Idea to turn around the morale of the team and resurrect ourselves!

Organ Donation is a Family Decision, so do talk about it and encourage everyone in the family, extended family, friends & colleagues to be part of this movement

Download now - Google Play Store | Apple Play Store

We got a Second Chance to Live to Fight another day at our Company, do become a Organ Donor, Become a Super Hero and Give Someone a Second Chance!

GYO App going live is just a first step, we intend to build this as a platform for all Organ Donors, Recipients and Pledgers engage in the entire process and be an advocate of this movement!

from Team - Aguai Solutions