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Applying for a home loan in Texas? Read this first

Whether you apply for a VA loan or any other type of home loan, one key factor that you should consider is the rate of interest, so that you have to pay a lower mortgage payment each month.

Wednesday July 12, 2017,

3 min Read

The rate of interest for home loan changes according to the market conditions, and there are chances that you end up with a loan with a high interest rate just because you have outstanding debts or questionable employment history. To make sure you get the best interest rate, here are a few factors that you need to take care of before you apply for a home loan,.




No matter whether it’s VA approved lender or any other home loan lender, they will first check the employment history and current income of prospective applicants to ensure that the borrower is capable of honoring the payment commitments. The lender compares the applicant’s income with the total outstanding debt and then calculates the debt-to-income ratios (DTI ratios). Typically, borrowers with a strong DTI ratio (usually 28 percent or less) are successful in availing loans with lower interest rates as they represent lower risk.

Credit Score

Your credit score represents your creditworthiness, and therefore, most lenders factor-in your credit score as one of the primary determinants for the rate of interest. Before applying for a VA or home loan, you must strive to maintain a credit score between 760 to 850 to convince the lenders of timely payments. A good credit score, not only helps you to negotiate mortgage interest rates, but also helps you qualify for different loan programs, which increases your loan choices.

Loan Duration

Most lenders prefer applicants who have resources to repay the loan faster. VA home loans with longer duration typically have a higher interest rate as compared to those with a shorter duration. Lenders also prefer approving loans with shorter durations as it is easier to predict market conditions in the short run, rather than making long term calculations. To boost your chances of getting a loan with lower interest rate, you should go for a shorter repayment duration.

Property’s Intended Use

Most lenders would offer low interest rates, if you intend to use the property as your primary residence. For a property to qualify as the primary residence, the property must be closer to your place of employment and you must prove that you intend to live on the property for at least a year. In case, however, if you are looking for a second home or an investment property the lender may charge a higher interest rate.

Wrapping Up

VA loans or any other type of home loans usually incur a significant rate of interest. In total, the interest forms a substantial percentage of your total home loan cost. By controlling and working on the factors listed in this blog post you can strengthen your case and avail a good deal. You can take measures to improve your credit score, and select the most suitable loan program according to the dynamics at play.