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How to acquire leads for your business from LinkedIn?

 Prime pointers that would help you acquire leads for your business from LinkedIn

How to acquire leads for your business from LinkedIn?

Friday November 25, 2016,

4 min Read

How hard is your business trying to generate leads? Is the activity too simple a deal or can’t you make the head or tail of it? Either case, you would have tried an assortment of options to keep those leads coming in. You may have tried it all: Facebook Ads, E-mail Campaigns, and Cold Calls. But, standing tall among that lot is LinkedIn.

While a striking majority of LinkedIn users see it a career and job hunt portal, a surprising number of users also see the power of the portal to network and acquire leads.

If you are desperately looking to tap leads for your business, LinkedIn is certainly the right platform for you. Even if you have a steady flow of leads coming in and if you wish to keep that rate steady, LinkedIn can help your business.

Here is a list of simple, yet proven techniques that you can follow to tap more leads for your business.

#1: Build your profile:

Your profile is your calling card in LinkedIn. Given that fact, you must certainly look to create a professional and balanced profile on LinkedIn.

Your brand may come off as being unprofessional if you upload a shoddy picture and pen sloppy descriptions. Once a potential client sees such an appalling profile, he may decline your invitation.

So, the first step that you would have to undertake in your quest to generate leads from LinkedIn is to build a profile that is highly professional.

You can keep these following guidelines in your mind when you are looking to build your business’ profile on LinkedIn.

1. Don’t have an incomplete profile:

Ideally, all the parts of your profile must seem complete in all aspects. Try not to have an incomplete profile. Instead, make a list of all the pointers that you are not sure of and fill it up post a consultation with your team.

2. Upload a professional image:

Picturesque sceneries and adorable pups are certainly appealing. But, these images don’t generate leads for your business. Instead, upload your brand’s logo or a professional image of your team as your display picture

3. Write an informative description:

In your pursuit to keep your profile complete, you may dash off extravagant statements. Refrain from doing such monkey business. Instead, write honest statements and give genuine descriptions to your profile. If you write a genuine and honest description, chances are high that your potential clients will truly recognize and appreciate your services.


#2 Start creating Manageable groups:

These groups are essentially your power batteries. Creating groups are the first step that would take you closer to your potential clients.

You must create groups, add members to your group and most importantly, you must maintain that group. Once you are done with the process, you can continuously add content and start drawing in members. Also, you must take efforts to find trending content that would sell like hotcakes in the group. If you add any trending content, the chances of the members in that group responding to the same are high.


#3: Identify your potential leads:

Granted. You may come across a number of individuals with varying profiles. While a few may be at the helm of affairs, certain others will be in the middle level management. You must create a list of potential leads from those profiles and you must identify the industry that you are targeting and you must also identify the management level of your leads. For this purpose, you can tap LinkedIn’s built-in search feature.


#4 Interact with your prospects:

Once you have identified your potential leads, you must initiate interaction with them. In this phase, you must keep this in mind that you can’t generate sweeping leads in a single day. The process must be undertaken on a meticulous basis and you must exert an absolute sense of discretion and intelligence. The safest thing for you to do is simply send your prospect a message and wait. However, don’t oversell any service or product. Just make a courteous introduction and that would suffice.


#5 Convert, Convert, Convert:

You are in the ultimate phase. All that you need to do is convert, convert and convert.


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