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What Customers want from Social Commerce?

What Customers want from Social Commerce?

Tuesday April 18, 2017,

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Being a user in this world of Social Media & E-Commerce is a tricky task. At one point the user is influenced by the glimmer & shimmer of the Social Media that has set up a bar of trend, on the other hand buying the same product from a reliable source also needs a lot of thought. To cut through the dilemma of getting influenced from the Social Web, we have Social Commerce.

Think this, you see a product that you love on a social media website, you intend to buy the same product from an e-commerce retailer but tracing the same product would take ages to contemplate and would be a tedious and tiresome task. Instead of this, imagine a scenario where you see a product that you love and you can buy it there and then- That is what Social Commerce caters to you. People want their buying needs satisfied without encountering too many problems with their Online Social Shopping.

1. Role of an Influencer:

With the influencers bringing you a new and efficient way to accessorise yourself, you also need the availability of those products at your doorstep. Even a celebrity look that a Person wants to recreate, they provide you with all the useful information that will facilitate the buyer to make its choice easy and make the transaction process as hassle free as he could.

2. Cashbacks and Deals:

What if that you buy something you love and it gives you added benefits with the pleasure of having to buy your favourite product? That is the prospect of How to make money online. This is one of the major advantage of buying product online through a Social Shopping Network. The cashback offers and deals on these portals make it irresistible for a user not to use the app.

3. Online Sales:

If you are active on Social media then you would always be aware of the ongoing sales but how to crowd source those products from the cluttered sale items? Social Commerce sites bring you the deals from all the sites that provide the best items on sale so that your Online Social Shopping becomes Handy.

Social Commerce sites like Asaan provide you with all these facilities so that the customer should feel a connection with the retailers and can easily find their desired products with much ease. It also enables the user with the question of how to make money on Internet and makes them aware of the market.