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Nifty Trading Academy CEO - Mr HITENDRA DIXIT: THE INTRADAY MAESTRO HIS STORY OF SUCCESSFUL INTRA-DAY TRADING “The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls”

“The world is your oyster. It’s up to you to find the pearls”

Monday November 28, 2016,

9 min Read

Nifty Trading Academy CEO - Mr.HITENDRA DIXIT

There are certain rules to be followed in any profession to be successful and there are rules to be followed even while you trade in Intraday trading. Here are his Mr. Hitendra Dixit Intraday trading rules are as follows:

Rule no 1. A mistake is when you don’t have any rules. When you don’t follow any rules while trading then everything you do is a mistake.

Rule no 2. Always follow rule no. 1.

Rule no 3. Never forget rule no.2

There are trading stories and rules everywhere but not everyone in the world is successful. It is said that 95% of the traders lose money and everyone wants to be in the remaining 5% margin who are successful. When hard work, dedication and persistence come together they explode giving SUCCESS as the final product. Here is a similar explosive journey of Mr Hitendra Dixit, an intraday trader, who hails from Surat. His innovative rules, pragmatic approach and never ending zeal to learn can inspire you and will change your attitude towards successful trading.

Mr Dixit has created a buzz by training many potential intraday traders through live market training and as a professional intraday trainer across the nation. He imparts training through NIFTY TRADING ACADEMY (NTA), which is pioneer in India to provide online LIVE market training. He has done extensive research, learned a lot by closely observing the market and has gone through all the hardships in understanding the science behind trading. He has taken market by the storm.

Here he shares his success mantra and his philosophy for successful trading. Few excerpts from his interview…

What makes you get into trading career from Engineering Background?

I did B.E in Civil engineering and got my first job in a construction company with a salary of 1500 per month. It was difficult to bear family expenses with such a mere amount, therefore I left the job in pursuit of other lucrative jobs.

I found one in Surat and the salary was 3000 rupees but unfortunately I had no relatives in Surat to stay with. There was only one person whom I knew, a doctor, on whom I could rely on and he helped me settle in Surat.

I understood life’s enigma during my father’s retirement. I used to observe him daily and it struck me that no work or activity can lead you to boredom after retirement. As the saying goes “an idle mind is devils workshop” i.e. Navrobethonakhodware. Considering both the aspects, retirement and family responsibilities, I decided to pursue an activity which I can continue at retirement age too. This was when I decided to step into stock market. It was challenging and a very bold decision but it was something that made me curious and that’s how I landed here.

This part of my life I call it ‘awakening’.

Challenges you faced while putting your infant step towards Stock market?

First thing that I promised myself was to never be pessimist. I was always optimist and “NO” was the word exempted from my dictionary. People from all walks of life advised me not to jump into this uncertain profession where you will lose more than what you earn. My mentor, Mr Satish Shah, also advised me not to step into this gamble game as he himself had bitter experiences in stock market and has lost money. It was my inner instinct and passion that did not stop me from entering and I continued trial and error approach in stock market. Until 2010, I was simultaneously into construction business as well into stock markets. I received many complaints from my clients for my work as my focus was shifting in learning stock market. But this battle dint demotivate me, instead it helped me to become more conscious and learned a lot from the complaints. It was a challenging phase of my life. I was learning a lot, did extensive research work and gained an ocean of knowledge in share market, it was then that I decided to take this to the next level by starting Nifty Trading Academy.

This part of my life I call it ‘learning’.

What is Secret behind the tale of Mr. Dixit as Professional trader?

It was all about self-learning, dedication and experience that led me to the path of success. I learned theories of stock market from societies, for eg. I use to relate society’s experience to price movements and the role price plays. How society never gives credit to anyone likewise price always move sideways. I observed stock market indicators and learned tricks to control loss. Without reading any single book I developed my own winning stop loss strategies. It is said that no one in market can decide on the profit one can earn but yes loss can be decided beforehand.

HOW Nifty Trading Aacademy was born?

There are many reasons why I landed up with my own Trading Academy (NTA). First reason is my keen passion in stock market and hard work. Second, I always believe that stock market training is the only business where there is no blockage of money and risk of bad debts. Thirdly, every field requires mental and physical ability, stock market is the only career option where you can sit at any age and work on it. Also if I say about imparting share market knowledge it is possible to give it even with any physical disability. I also feel that real happiness comes from enlightening people through right knowledge because after an age, the number of zeros you earn doesn’t matter. The thing that matters is whether you have added happiness in someone’s life. I will always feel content if my student earns more money through the knowledge imparted from my sessions. These were the reasons which motivated me to start my own academy.

This part of my life I call it ‘happiness.’

What Nifty Trading Academy is into and how it is different?

Our academy provides trading platform to everyone whose ultimate goal in life is to become a professional trader and look for financial freedom in long term. Our academy is enlightening people about financial literacy through webinars, emails, blogs, demos and courses. Our USP is that we are pioneer in providing live market intraday training via offline as well online modes. We are serving more than ….. Traders across India and other foreign countries. It’s a proud moment for us to have traders across the world as our students. They are more than satisfied with our courses and services and are making profit.

We are connected to more than … traders till date. Nifty Trading Academy also provides live market support and life time membership to traders.

We have a transparent trading system and are committed to provide ‘trade assist service’. There is this myth that trading in stock market is nothing but gambling your hard earned money. We don’t believe in this and change traders’ attitude from being a gambler to a professional trader. There is a huge difference between the two. Once you train in our academy you’ll know the difference and you can learn the skill to earn profits for lifetime.

Were you interested in stock market since your childhood or was it a passion that flourished while you were in college?

To tell you frankly, the thought that I would be a trader and a trainer never crossed my mind. I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.

Your Best and Worst trade so far?

The best trade I punched was 3.5 lac profit book on Infosys stock in intraday trading.

If I talk about worst trade it would be 1 lac loss in half an hour in Nov, 2010. The loss was incurred on LIC stock because I did gambling on that trade.

What makes you a professional Trader?

Firstly it was my passion towards stock market. I strongly believe you cannot achieve your goals unless you are passionate about what you do. I have learnt a lot and am still learning, it is a never ending input here. Every trade has something new to teach you.It’s like a test every day. Secondly, it is a lucrative field, profits are fruitful.

As a professional trader how do you manage risk or loss?

I have always given ample time for in-depth stock market analysis. The past trend helps me to learn the stop loss strategy. I have found right ladders to stop loss during my research. Thus, I have got this unique key to successfully manage any risk or loss. I also developed the theory of 1:5 and 1:10 risk reward ratio.

Best Strategies that you use for training?

We use minimum stop loss strategy and unique entry in the market. We strongly believe that traders should always buy from the bottom and sell from the top. Traders are crazy after ATM, so we give them right strategy which works like an ATM in stock Market. In fact, we assure traders that STOCK Market itself is an ATM.

Where do you see NTA in near future?

My wish is to see my traders earning 2.5 crores profits daily, via intraday trading. Also, NTA is raising its standards by each passing day, traders around the world will be eager to learn and work with us. NTA will be the IIT for traders and we are pretty sure to achieve this very soon.

What is your general mind-set for today’s newbie traders?

They want quick money. New generation is short of patience. Stock markets have always been considered a ‘happy-go-lucky’ profession. Nobody emphasises on the technical aspects. They usually sit entire day in front of the screen thinking about the trade entry. And when the actual trade comes they don’t enter the market. This is where they do mistake. Also, traders possess wrong mind-set of loss incurring via intraday trading.

Lastly, here are Mr Dixit’s simple beliefs that can help you win the Stock Market.

• “Sharpen your axe first”.Invest in yourself first. Never think twice in spending money in learning, it’s the best investment you can do.

• SochKar, SamajKar,TradeKar

• Learning at any age and stage is possible

• Trades with the market (TREND)

• Never Share your Profit with anyone

• I never lose, I always win or learn from the stock Market

• Earn enough that you feel you can afford everything

• Make your lifestyle such that your needs are minimum

• For earning money you don’t need money

• Market is an ATM- anytime money

• Duniya ne jaankarocho, tame shukarwa mango cho, parantutehpehlakaribataavo.