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10 tips & tricks to find the perfect dress!

Whatever your morphology, the dress is the perfect ally to accompany you all summer!

Thursday June 08, 2017,

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The coach mode unveils its tips and tricks to guide you in your choice! How to find the perfect dress to yourself? Let's go!

1. Short or Long Dress?

The length of your skirt depends on your size.

If you are small, the ideal will be to opt for a short dress. The idea is to unveil your legs to make an illusion by lengthening your silhouette. If you are somewhat complexed by your thighs, opt for an asymmetrical dress or a length just above the knees.

If you are tall, the right fit would be a long dress! Indeed a short dress would only accentuate your grandeur without however highlighting you. The trick is to break your silhouette long line with a short waistcoat, bolero type.

2. Body-shaping or lose?

The width of your dress is also chosen according to your size!

If you are small: say "no" to cuts that are too wide and wide, the objective is to extend the look from top to bottom and not from left to right which would tend to magnify the silhouette

If you are tall: a loose dress tight to the chest then loose and wide on the bottom will give volume with femininity!

3. Your dress according to your Morphology

Which dress to choose when you are round? Choose instead a fluid dress, in dark or dark colors (blue Klein instead of a sky blue). Other option: the tunic dress, to wear with a legging / trigging.

And when one is very thin, which dress is best? Prefer dresses trapezes or flounces, the dresses too close to the body will emphasize your silhouette way "twig". The objective is to expand your silhouette for a volume effect with frills, smocks, pleated games.

4. Choose the correct neckline

If you have a small chest: play on a plunging neckline for an ultra sensual effect, or a bustier dress with a set of folds to give volume.

If you have a generous breast: you will crack for a wrap-around dress if you assume your strong chest; If not opt for a square neckline with straps for a good hold and test the bras minimizer to attenuate your chest without tightening.

5. Choose your colors (see color palette below)

It is important to find the color that will illuminate your face!

You are golden / brassy blonde, clear skin and gilded complexion: you need warm and clear colors (palette 1)

You are blonde, clear skin and pink complexion: you need cool and clear colors (palette 2)

You are chestnut, auburn, light skin and gilded complexion: you need warm and dark colors (palette 3)

You are brown, matte or black skin: you need dark and dark colors (palette 4)

6. Fabrics, patterns, printed matter

The small prints are perfect for the round but beware of the cuts too close to the body, with prints with large patterns that enlarge the silhouette!

As for the long silhouettes, it is necessary to privilege the large prints of type lozenge or big flowers!

7. The trendy dress

To find the perfect dress you must follow your desires, but you can also let yourself be guided by the current fashion trends! At the moment, one is cracking for the ethnic trend with iChat Amerindian prints, the jungle trend is in vogue with its wild tropical prints, and finally the retro trend is back with black - white graphic looks!

8. Do not neglect shoes

Do you find shoes at your feet to complete your outfit?

If you are small, avoid the wedge heels that make the gait weigh more heavily; opt instead for fine shoes to make your pace

If you are tall, you can do without heels xxl, and then you prefer small sandals or boots with small heels.

9. Accessorize your dress

Here again everything is matter of size!

If you are small: adopt accessories in length: necklace, scarf (not knotted to the neck to enlarge the silhouette)

If you are big: you have to break the effect of grandeur with many great and imposing accessories! Notably large collars, large bags

10. THE good price

The price varies generally according to the material, the originality of the dress, but at Kiabi, no surprise, all our dresses are cheap!

Every woman has parts of their body she is most proud of. By finding the correct proportion and silhouette it will make your figure appear balanced and enhance the best parts of your body, giving you confidence on your big day at the Chiclubwear that is the best choice of stylish women.

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