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Journey from a complete Noob to becoming a successful ethical hacker.

 My Journey - from a complete Noob to becoming a successful ethical hacker.

Sunday November 06, 2016,

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 Hello everyone,

My name is Manjesh p Shetty an engineering student and part-time blogger , Founder of GOPCSOFT - Tech blog 

In this story, I'm gonna Narrate my journey from a complete noob to becoming a successful ethical hacker.

I have to start from a scratch and way to avoid a long answer ,I am going to cover up only some Scenario , To make a long story short . 

scenario of being completely Noob : When I was in school (7th-8th) , I was really fond of hacking but I was not knowing how it works , I thought we can hack into any social media using some Facebook Hacking Tool or some online hacking tool since it was user friendly , I used to download and used to enter the victim details and type of attack brute force or Dictionary attack. The fun fact is I thought I hacked into social media since I was getting “Attack Successful” as an output.

scenario of being Starter or Skid : I began to explore new things and installed Kali Linux on my computer and still I tried to hack into social media using bullshit commands then I started to read the new articles like hacking news and hacking tricks like Social engineering like Phishing or pharming . I was a Script kiddie but I was finally mastered social engineering Tricks.

Present Scenario : Since Hacking Involves computer security and network I started to read Computer/security(Network) fundamentals book and many other books like CCNA , CEH CompTIA Security+ (Still reading some books), attend many webinars , watching DEFCON conference video , since I’m a blogger of GOPCSOFT - Techie blog. I started to explore new articles related to cyber security and new people because I thought to learn all these things which might come in handy in my blogging Track . Dived into a dark web - Started exploring and joined some Infamous & famous Hacking Forum and IRC channel. Basic Programming would be part of studies and I never went deep into programming language like C ,C+…etc.

Wrap up: Still, I have not reached my destination point still by hacking journey is ongoing and part of being honest is I’m still not a successful ethical hacker. Still, I have a lot of things to tell you but sometimes It is very hard to put into words.

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