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A start-up has no vision

It's ridiculous when founders of idea stage startups talk grand concretized visions. It's generally impossible that the idea you started out with is the one you ended with,

Friday June 09, 2017,

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"What's your company's vision in the next 5 years?"

While I used to answer this question patiently, every time potential employee or a new client or even an investor asks this question, I can't help rolling my eyes now.

Like it's difficult for a government to see through its 5 years' plans, it's difficult for a young company to put a realistic vision out even for the next 2 years, leave alone 5.

A vision is a long term plan. Any company when it starts off goes through the famous 'J' curve. You start low, go still lower along the J curve, keep on morphing and experimenting with the product, throw beta versions and MVPs (minimum viable products), set up a voracious customer feedback loop in place and then figure out the correct market fit.

It is AFTER all of this that you have can plausibly have a concrete long term vision. Anything before that cannot really be termed as a 'vision'. Those are necessary short term tasks that you, along with your small team follow in order to get a vision.

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