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An app based on-demand delivery revolution for retail commerce industry

Uber, postmates and an endless list of other on demand delivery apps are waging a race against time to deliver and delight customers.

An app based on-demand delivery revolution for retail commerce  industry

Thursday September 29, 2016,

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Amazon seems to be the latest addition to the bandwagon with its seemingly space-age delivery service using drones. To cut it short, on demand delivery economy has arrived with a bang. GPS technology, push notifications and a host of other technologies are targeting to provide customers with dor deliveries of anything from piping hot pizzas to container size consignments in shortest time possible.

And, How Exactly does it Work?

The on demand delivery business model connects three layers of business users, namely: customers, delivery managers and businesses. The business mechanism functions by delivering the delivery order to the nearest delivery professional possible found by the delivery manager using GPS technology.

These delivery personnel are usually independent contractors who have taken upon the task on a part-time basis. Based on the deliverer availability and the order particulars, the delivery manager assigns an order for instant delivery.


The deliverer who shares the same app on his smartphone will accept/reject the delivery task. On acceptance, he will pick up the package and deliver it to the destined customer drop off point. To aid quick delivery, GPS based route navigation serves as a perfect match.

All this while, the customer will hinted about the real time delivery status using push notifications and hyper time delivery statuses. In fact, some of the advanced delivery tracking apps are even enabling customers to track the progress of their deliveries as and when the deliverer is moving towards the destination.

This something similar to what Uber did last summer. It turned its cabbies into part-time delivery carriers. The idea was brilliant as it not only added an extra source of revenue to the on demand cab hailing brand but also help crack into a potential market with untapped market.

Although on demand delivery is at its nascent stages, there are early arrivals in this domain who are making ripples with their cutting edge offerings. 

 GetswiftContus Dart, BringgTookan,  Gotrackin, etc. are some of the On-Demand Delivery tracking software that are kicking the ball forward in the on demand delivery business. With time, more entrants are entering the scene and we won’t be far from what we wished earlier: getting food, gadgets or literally anything delivered under ten minutes from the order time.