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How location-based SEO works and how to get the first page rank in your location

How location-based SEO work and how to get the first PageRank in your location, location-based SEO importance, location-based internet marketing  

How location-based SEO works and how to get the first page rank in your location

Thursday July 26, 2018,

3 min Read

Local SEO has become an influential tool for businesses to target potential customers who are ready to purchase. Optimizing a single location-based business for local searching is very simple, but if you want to optimize for multiple locations can be a challenge for you.


The biggest objective of the Google search engine is to offer the user with related search results. Currently, 1 in 6 Google search results are basically related to the location, so focusing on the “local relevant search results” should be in the major priority. The interest always in the ‘nearby location’ so this has been growing day by day.

Why location-based SEO useful for business

Nowadays every search is location-based, including you also. Just think about it, when you take your phone to search a nearby pub, you don’t just type in “pub”, you type “pub in [your city]”, you just save yourself the annoy of combing through unrelated listings.

You should focus your marketing around your near location is an outstanding way to grow your search rankings as well as finally your sales.

Set up Google business account to promote your business

Many business owners are don’t know that they may easily directly control the business information Google search engine displays. It’s very easy, you have to set up a free account in “Google My Business”. This Google ensures you to upload your business location, contact information, website URL, as well as hours of operation. You may also upload excellent images of your location to make it more attracting for customers.

Make location-based SEO content for your website and blogs

You have to write plenty of location-based content for your business website. The well-organized thing you may perform, from an SEO point of view, is making a webpage for every location which you’d like to target. Its very simple method to optimize your website for location-based. This s“Locations” webpage, this enables you to target every area specially mention in the headline, H1 tags as well as other SEO areas. If time, as well as budget constraints, don’t enable for this, grouping entire locations into one webpage is a good second option.

Make location-based ads

You can also make location-based ads would boost your reach as well as competitiveness for your targeted locations. You may even utilize geo-targeting to allow that your ads only within a detailed geographical radius. If you’ve set up a “Google My Business account”, it’ll be easy to integrate your details right into Google AdWords.

Add your location URLs to our Google my business page

Once you’ve set up your business location pages, keep in mind to return to your Google My Business account for adding those new URLs. Don’t just add your homepage or domain URL; adding location-specific pages would help Google’s search engine crawlers index your webpage as well as provide you higher rankings. It’ll also provide your clients as well as customers a better user experience.