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This is a user generated content for MyStory, a YourStory initiative to enable its community to contribute and have their voices heard. The views and writings here reflect that of the author and not of YourStory.

A 25-year-old Govt job aspirant does well in the Start-Up world , he chooses life over stress and depression.

The journey of how a notebook became laptop and a pen became mouse pad for a small village guy.

Tuesday November 22, 2016,

4 min Read

28.3802° N, 75.6092° E is the Latitude & Longitude of Pilani , a small town of one the biggest state of India,Rajasthan. It all started with the pressure of opting science in the high school but very soon positively challenged by completing Bachelor's degree in commerce. Being the 6.1'ft tall son of an Army officer ,A career in Armed forces was something like a dream worth chasing . The same Army officer trained me for hours but soon, the training was challenged by a lot of emotions as the son who was selected for merchant navy , denied to join because he doesn't want his mother to wait for him for months like she does for his father in past. Just like the Chetan bhagat of Metro city, the very famous family pressure now passed the order of joining some comfortable govt jobs and the same mother suggested me to go for AC wali Bank job. I prepared , I joined coaching classes & finally appeared for the bank job . It took 3 months for the Bank to declare the result . Yes .! I cleared it , I remember , it was a just sunny day of summer but my family & relatives were enjoying like it was a first snow rain of winter. Soon , I came to know that there is some stay by the court on the results and 1 mark short in the SSC result put everything on hold even the happiness of the family. By now , summer and snow were replaced by stress and sadness. I was already in my 22nd revolution around the sun and things were like " Welcome to Life ! "

I was in Delhi couple of times before too for those same exams, but this time intention was to challenge the inner potential , the challenge was to prove that govt job is just another word and if your dreams are high and your ethics are in your roots , you can achieve anything , the platform doesn't matter.

It was my first corporate job interview and I felt the first change, selected and results were out too in a couple of hours. While offer letter in the hand , I called my father and screamed ,"Dad , no more 'stay' on my career now. 

Joined Ola-one of the finest start up of India as an executive and it was like a Hello ! to Learning , a hello ! to Diversity & Inclusion ! a hello ! to aggressive marketing & the rest our team name says all "Game Changers" , the inbox was full of appreciation emails and now it was "Hello ..Life".

 300 days at Ola were never less than a 300-page novel and I will write this novel to my father some day " first round of funding for my career".

Next 365 days belong to Invictus Survival sciences , yet another start-up. I recall , Your tory a while ago ,"Is there any start-up who is addressing crime ..? Luckily , Yes , Invictus survival sciences had already taught self-defense to millions of working women in India. With more than 200 clients Pan India ,safety has been redefined by this start-up. Moto of making a safer world motivates us to work for 15-18 hours daily. a few days back , I flew in the sky , it was my first flight , Invictus booked it for me and the step in the flight was like ,"Knock Knock ..!!Happy Life , Come in.

The journey of these 600 days in the start-up world is memorable. This is the story of me , a small guy from a small village.Recognization from will inspire a lot of small guys to follow their heart.