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7 ways e-commerce stores can leverage social media to attract a tsunami of sales

I sat down with the CEO and founder of Candere - A Kalyan Jewellers Company, Rupesh Jain, to get a low-down on how to establish an ecommerce brand by leveraging social media to drive traffic and sales. 

Friday September 22, 2017,

5 min Read

Whether it is Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any of the other social media platforms, the hard reality is – these sites have driven the society massively along, where avoiding social media is not even an option for anyone. More likely, if you run a business or an e-commerce store, you would definitely get me on this.

Most of these social media websites are taken over by the e-commerce world, drawing consumers to their platform in a much easier way. Even though everyone is on the same page offering almost the same product, how you position your brand plays an important role especially when you want to compete online. 

However, as a user, if you see yourself buying a product, the first thing you would do is take help of social media before you finalise your product and even go through the reviews and recommendations of other customers - making it easier to trust on the product before you purchase. After all, a customer will trust another customer but not the brand.

From building brand loyalty to the customer base, the social media has the power to achieve everything with proper planning, execution and optimum utilisation of social media marketing. 

Sticking to the plain old fundamentals is important. If you don’t do anything else but stick with fundamentals you will get results. Without taking action you won't get anywhere. No website, book, YouTube video or no marketing guru will do the work for you. Stick with the fundamentals, take action and you will get results. 

Here are a few ways that can help your e-commerce business influence millions of customers through social media.

Innovative Deals

All customers need a good product at an affordable price. Thus, to take the attention of the customer, e-commerce sites have to make use of the social media platform, giving the best deals possible to have customers on their site. 

E-commerce sites can also share promo codes or discount coupons on their social media accounts to encourage customers to buy products from their store and not elsewhere. 


Turning boring information into creative infographics is what social media encourages the most. 

It is said that an image-based content will have more potential than text-based posts on the website. Thus, online stores are recommended to put attractive posts with right content that could engage customers and make its marketing valuable. 

From there, it is the social media platform that makes such content marketing reach out to a large number of customers.

Customer Support

When a business goes online, especially through the social media platform - it turns out to be a hassle for the entrepreneurs to handle customers at a go. 

Be it the delivery status, or enquiry about a product; a small team cannot handle everything. 

Though the technology is growing, somethings cannot be fulfilled robotically. This is when 'customer support' is required to enter the business. 

Mostly, e-commerce sites prefer using Facebook Chat Bot or Twitter Support which is convenient for the customers, available throughout the day with every query been responded correctly.

Buy Button On Social Media

For instance, if a customer is viewing a page of an e-commerce site and browses through the page, but does not make any purchase and ends the browsing in the middle, which is when this buy button comes in use. 

As the customer has viewed the site once, it will now be displayed on almost every social media site he visits. Whether it is WordPress, Pinterest or Facebook, - the buy button will initiate the sale channel to the main e-commerce site through a display in between your social media page.


Every business, whether it is online or offline store should be aware of the fact that a customer channel is drawn when there is a permanent connection with the customers. It could be through feedbacks, or suggestions or even review of the product recently bought. 

When a new buyer visits the e-commerce website, reviews and customer engagement does make a huge difference on his further engagement. For that, showcasing content from the existing customers on social media will make a huge impact instantly.

Stay Updated

It is necessary for a business to follow all the trends that go in and around social media. Whether it is a celebration or an event or the cool trend that has set in, e-commerce websites have to be updated regarding all. 

According to the trends, it can share posts, make videos promoting their site, use the trending hashtags, unveil new products on such events, and can announce discounts or offers. 

Doing all this will make people more interested and would engage them deeply with your brand. 

Keep Blogging

Sharing the right kind of information and making people educated is the best way to expand the customer base. 

It is suggested that an e-commerce website should have an active blog with something interesting and useful for the customers who read the content. It could be related to the products or the trends that are in the ecosystem or content related to any unique perspective. 

All it should showcase a positive side about the business involving readers follow the website and keeping them on the platform to browse through to the website.

All this may sound simple, but it is easier said than done. Blending all the three - marketing, customer engagement and social media into the business is beneficial only if it is rightly done with more than just tactics in place. Only then an e-commerce website can be a brand having more loyal customers where sales and business both extend drastically.