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How to research your competitors on Instagram

How to research your competitors on Instagram

Tuesday May 16, 2017,

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Instagram today is one of the leading social media platforms, and it has millions of users using it every day. The picture sharing application platform was introduced in 2010, and now after seven years it is seen as one of the biggest social networking platforms and is also considered as a very useful medium. Instagram just does not let you share pictures and your perfect moments with your friends and family, but with the rise in social media marketing, Instagram is considered as one of the best platforms to market your product. As the platform has a lot of people using it from around the world, with 700 million daily active users it also attracts brands and business and almost more than 50% of brands are taking advantage of Instagram. In order to market on Instagram, it is very important that you must know about your competitors as well. If you want your social media marketing strategy to be fruitful and efficient you will need to know as much as you can about your competitors. Your competitors are a business of same nature as you are and it becomes necessary to keep an eye on them to know what their strategies are and what they are applying to make their social media marketing better. Here below are tips following which you can research your competitors on Instagram.

Identify the hot topics and hashtags in your niche:

If you want to make a social media marketing strategy that will be fruitful for you, you need to start with what is happening in your industry. This can help you know what is going in your niche and what issues are being sighted and what problems might occur. This lets you stay ahead of everyone in order to construct and deliver your message according to them. You can use Instagram tools like TalkWalker that helps you in getting in depth research on what everyone is humming about and how are they going. You can get all the details about the trending topics of your industry, and you can start making your content according to it. Also, you can know about the most famous and effective hashtags for your business’s nature.

Analyze the posting strategy of competitors individually:

In order to make your social media marketing campaign successful and to do research on your competitors, you need to know about your competitors well enough that you know about each and every one individually. You need to know about what your competitors are constructing on Instagram, and you can use many Instagram tools for this purpose. By using Instagram’s tool you can analyze any brand individually, and it will tell you that how many times brands have posted recently how its chart has been in terms of regular posting and how effective their posts are. By this, you can pick out those posts in which your competitors are doing extremely well and then you can see that what is your competitors doing to engage the audience and then you can rethink your strategy according to it.

Compare the share of voice with competitors:

When you are running a social media campaign for marketing your business, and you need to beat your brands to it, you will need to know more about them. You need to establish the share of voice for you and your competitors on Instagram, and this will help you create an effective brand message. These stats are compared and judged for a longer period because that helps in judging the overall success of the campaign. You can compare the share of conversation in perspective to consumer’s interaction with your competitors. You can know which brand has the most share of voice and you can later see that what hashtags you are using and what hashtags your competitors are using as that helps too. You can get all these analytics and results using the famous Instagram tool Talkwalker. That is very effective in telling share of voice.

Examine engagement benchmark for shared audience segments:

While researching on your competitors for your social media marketing strategies, you will need to examine the benchmark for your shared audience segments. If you want to develop a successful marketing message for your audience, it requires optimization and research. By using the tool mentioned above Talkwalker, you can identify that what are the topics that are optimal for you and you can also know about the time when you should post about your brand. You can analyze about messaging of your competitors on a much finer level. Use the tool and search the audience by filters and check their engagements level. Also, pick up a single demographics point out their interests and compare their engagement with your competitors. Also on another hand, if you are running low on your Instagram followers as compare to your competitors, you can always buy more likes and followers using Vibbi for Instagram.

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