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Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Here we are presenting the top 4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019 to increase your ROI

Top 4 Digital Marketing Trends in 2019

Friday June 14, 2019,

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The digital marketing scenario has witnessed so much evolution that at this point of time all those previous techniques have taken back seat. Previously, posting content on the social media was all that could increase followers but now customer interaction is the most important part that can increase popularity of a brand. You need to engage your customers by creating personalized content or by starting a real conversation with them. While some businesses are keeping pace with the latest marketing trends, there are some businesses which are lagging behind and they are using the previous tactics which was famous few years back. In this article we have tried to give a brief overview on the Digital Marketing trends in 2019.

●      Omni channel marketing

This term omni channel is often been used these days. However, it’s not just a buzzword. The best way by which you can understand omni channel is by comparing it to the term “multi-channel”. This is a process by which various marketing channels are used for making the buying journey for a customer much more smooth. For example, a business might use social media to attract visitors to their website and email for generating leads. Omni channel is a universal concept. The word omni means all. Omni channel marketing in simpler words mean using multiple marketing touch points that can work together on every channel your customers are using.

●      Artificial Intelligence

Many people consider Artificial Intelligence as the cutting edge of technology. But in few years it will become a standard form of technology just like today’s smartphones. AI is a man made computer or robot which is infused with the capability of gathering facts and information about a particular situation with the help of sensors or through human input. This information can be used by it later to solve a particular problem or perform any tasks. AI can perform a task that requires human intelligence. Usage of this technology can benefit marketing in numerous ways. However, it is predicted that in 2019 AI will be deployed for content marketing, advertising and customer service.

●      Chat-bots

Everywhere chat-bots are showing up, be it business websites or mobile apps or social media news feed. They are serving various purposes but most often they are used in order to answer small questions. There are many companies who are deploying chat-bots as virtual assistants. Even for small businesses chat-bots can be availed. Through these platforms businesses are welcoming customers, answer their queries and moving them towards a successful purchase.

●      Programmatic Advertising

Managing ads is although a full time task but with so many channels out there a full time advertising team is also not enough. That is why companies these days are depending on the AI to take over. Programmatic advertising is such a process which implements AI for buying and placing advertisements on the basis of target algorithms. This algorithm is already been deployed and is being widely used. There is an estimation that by 2020 more than 86% of all digital ads will be purchased with the help of AI. this very term of programmatic advertising however, extends beyond the cyber space. It is being used for buying and selling various kinds of media. Be it display advertisements or out of home ads. The main difference between traditional techniques of advertising and programmatic advertising is that the later can occur in real time thus putting more power to advertisers. Even small advertisers can reap the benefits of programmatic advertising for getting maximum ROI. This technique is a combination of big data, and technical expertise. Brands with mass market appeal can utilize this technique for betterment of their business.