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6 Effortless Ways to Strive Your Social Media

Running an online business is not a morning walk. It takes lot of efforts, hard work, team work, patience and constantly works towards the goals. In order to stand up an online business you have to be go through social media channels. Here in this article you will learn advantage of social medias.

6 Effortless Ways to Strive Your Social Media

Wednesday June 19, 2019,

7 min Read

Effortless Ways to Strive your Social Media

It’s not an uncommon thing that both social media and SEO or you can call it search engine optimization are interrelated to one another. Based on the SEO theories social media plays a very vital role in traffic generating operation.  It means they have to be perfect and strong.  Every blogger know how much is SEO a necessary ingredient to make a website delicious to attract or generate audience and make it to win the ranking competition.

Did you know? There are more than more than 3 billion social media users worldwide, it’s the best technique to connect with them. Statistics shows that nine out of ten businesses have social media presence, studies says online businesses gets more profit as compared to offline ones. Why? As I already told you before it’s the best platform to connect with the world.

So let’s roll the ball and learn some effortless ways to boost up social media skills for your website in the right way.

First of all let’s dive in the ocean of social media market and make a list of top ones people use the most. That you must have account or page to divert traffic to your website.

Brand Your Social Media Presence

social media presence

First of all always pay attention to one thing that, you should have your social media ids with the same name as your website domain. It plays really an important part in to make a brand for your website.

Above all the things always build a compelling logo to make it your profile picture because humans trust in first impressions. And don’t forget the cover image for your accounts as well as the business pages it always work as an extra cheese topping on pizza. The brand is neither easy nor tough to make, it just needs a clear vision at first glance.

And one important thing to fit in your mind is to make business pages for business. Because many social media platforms don’t allow you to make normal public account for your business because it can offend their policies and they can block your accounts too.

Eye-catching Graphics and Content

Graphics are also plays an earth-shattering part in making brand. Well we all know that social media is all about sharing images and videos, chatting, etc. so technically you have to create good quality images. If I am in your place I will definitely choose online Photoshop websites like canva, pixlr and many others. You can also use photo editing software to influence people.

Now let’s jump on data content that how you can represent it. You don’t always have to type tedious things about your service that your image having you can use infographics and videos as well as. Also don’t forget to use hashtags (#) and keywords they are very important to generate views to your posts. Always remember that your followers follow 1000s of people, you have to publish new and good content that people want to see. Otherwise it’s easy to lose your followers and your traffic.

Strategies to Follow

Let’s start with a small qna, if i ask you that why are you on social media? If your answer is “Umm… Everyone else is on it,” you haven’t set yours goals or plans yet, right. Just set your goal that you want to achieve in a particular time, than post on daily basis for your audience to attract and check-in. Make a routine plan. Assigning social media work help you to avoid extra efforts and save your time from posting aimlessly. You should outline some important notes that you need to follow like time gaps between your two posts, type of content and many others.

Using social media is not enough sometimes if you can’t track and measure your results to ensure the completion of your goals. You should track it on weekly, monthly and quarterly basis to improve your strategies. The most important thing you should know that you have to publish content across multiple social media platforms. You can use one social media dashboard instead of logging and checking different websites at one time as a business, you know that it’s kind of difficult for one person, right. So if you want to get your website at highest peak you also need to collaborate with your team members.

Interaction is Must

There are many communities where you can connect with like-minded people that are also related to your industry in the social media market in different forms like Facebook and LinkedIn has different groups, on the other hand twitter has chats. These communities help in establishing company and getting more knowledge. It also works as an opportunity to share knowledge and interact with other influencers. Maybe they can share your content with their followers which they like; it kind of boosts your website traffic. You can also create your own proactive community to engage more people and influence them. This can be your game changer tip.

Many people advice to engage on social media with your followers. How can you do that? It’s really not that tough you just need some patience, time and obviously good communication skills. You have to communicate with people with the help of your posts, content and creativity to generate more response. Having more followers are not important, having engaged followers is more necessary. Start relationship-building by mentioning reference and people in your posts, answer the questions that people ask, reply to people when they mention you at somewhere and like or comment to start conversation to others posts.

Competitors Can be a Helpful Hand Too

Now that we have enough strategies to attract people do they are working for you? Are you getting enough engagement that you planned? Is your competitor killing it with their strategies? Are there posts have more likes and followers? then it’s time to analyze your competitors content they post, who they follow and their followers, time gap between their posts, and many more to get an idea that what people wants to see and what they like. This will give you strategies to improve more. Start publishing good quality content that is relevant and that your audience wants to see, which is helpful for them, entertaining and one of the trends that are popular now days it gives your customers a reason to follow you.

Last but not least

Don’t be afraid of paying when it comes to promoting your website. It increases your productivity of traffic and believe me it’s worth it. Now how can you do that? Most of the social media platforms have feature to advertise your posts to engage more people. But paying doesn’t mean to stop posting, both the things should work parallel. and ya don’t forget to stay active 24/7 otherwise it may cause some trouble for you like when your audience need you and you are not there for them you can lose them. These tactics have worked for so many brands and companies in all over the world, and each tip that mentioned here could work well for you too.

But obviously social media presence is not enough right, website and it’s ranking also important so all you need is a guide that includes some short tips to do it on your own. And first what makes a website obviously a domain, best web hosting and content management software. Now to take it on top you need to do search engine optimization on-page and off-page, keyword research, best keywords, good content and many things that work as a helping hand to your website.

Author - This article has been contributed by content marketing team.