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6 Instagram Story Ideas to Get More Followers

How to incress instagram followers

6 Instagram Story Ideas to Get More Followers

Monday September 17, 2018,

3 min Read

When you think about it, It's hard to believe that Instagram stories have reached more than 300 million daily users, even though this feature was launched only two years ago. This indicates only one thing: they are popular, attract a large base of followers. Therefore, if you have not tried to use Instagram stories to increase your account, but you want to get more followers, then you should definitely try the following ideas because they work like a charm Are there.

1. Use polls for audience research

The poll is one of the most attractive strategies received by Instagram and you should take advantage of them. More specifically, by starting a survey you can create more targeted content that resonates with your target audience. Therefore, the next time you use it in protest against some demands for entertainment, then ask a serious question to your audience - such as what kind of material you should make.

Let's look at an example. If your niche is traveling, you should ask which destination will appeal to your audience. In this way, you will know whether you should give more information about a destination.

2. Mention your competitors

At first glance, this may seem like the most rival strategy - how can you get more followers by helping others with more followers? It does not really understand, is not it?

Although not so fast - this strategy is not suicide. By encouraging people in your niche, you are actually building relationships. And networking is also important in the blogosphere. Apart from this, if you mention someone, you can be mentioned - which can get you some extra followers.

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3. Use questionnaire templates

Although there are many Instagram tools that can help you increase the base of followers, this does not mean that simple tactics are ineffective. For example, questionnaires and quiz are really attractive to followers because they are entertaining. Apart from this, by sharing some personal stories about you, you are making intimate relationships with your followers.

The most important thing is that creating a template is really easy. In addition, you can encourage your viewers to use the template for free, so that they can share it further.

4. Story Acquisition

Cooperation with influencers is a trend that is increasing in popularity in the day. That's because it works because it works. However, the traditional approach is paying for a series of sponsored positions and others are expected to follow that account. A story acquisition is a completely different strategy. This is because it does not ask users to follow the brand, but to see what their favorite effector is, follow the account.

5. Add Story Highlights

Highlights were highly expected to include the highlight feature, allowing users to display what their accounts are, what they focus on, and so on. In addition, if you want to increase your brand, the Highlights section is roughly similar to the trailer of your brand to keep it.

Whether you are a courteous or established brand, it can be really challenging on Instagram ahead of the tide. But if you want to increase your influence then the stories are important and they are not going anywhere, quite the opposite.

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