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A chef to a I.T Professional

Invent A tool which convert Hotel WIFI to a automated Social media marketing 

Thursday March 02, 2017,

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Hi friends my name is Amit Gaur , I worked for 16 years with few 5 stars hotels across the country , as a Executive chef and corporate chef . From the early days I started my career with Clarks Hotel , innovative and creativity is in my money and I always find the solution to convert a wastage into a fruitful developments .

As 1 winner Re professional I have done lot of research with ingredients and Discover lot of innovative dishes , 3 years back I was thinking let's do something new in the life because God has given only one life , and I want to enjoy this life with doing lot of things.

Man life is very short to do everything , I was always impressed with technology and systems and modern gadgets , in my whole 16 year experience I have noticed and study one thing any business will run successfully if they have a proper communication systems for their clients.

Is now a days social media nobody can Ignore , myself and my team has made a software which work with any hotels organization WiFi and convert that must to do a complimentary expenses to social media marketing . And this software will become a successful digital marketing manager for any hotel . This of this software will get many positive reviews at TripAdvisor and do automated social media marketing of hotel business pages

This software is been adopted by many hotels and we are in the process and explaining our software to Hotel owners day by day

The moral of the story is this if you are really want to live your life do something different because when you do different you will create a roadmap for others to follow it

We are also doing their research and development how we can optimised social media marketing Huawei with modern technology and logics because nobody involved logic in social media marketing that's why our eyes are very less but when we apply the logic in our business we get returns hopefully we will help people and we will successful in our Vision and Mission Taken 3 years back thank you

you can visit at www.wificrm.in to learn more