Poly clinic: A hospital within a hospital

Poly clinic: A hospital within a hospital

Wednesday April 12, 2017,

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A Poly Clinic is a great amalgamation of innovation, infrastructure optimization, resource allocation and smart planning and, a will, to pledge health services to our people. It includes both the haves and the have-nots class of the masses.

"Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small with great love." Mother Teresa

Before moving further, I must hint, in my previous post on Mohalla Clinic I did highlight and shared details on the 3-tier approach of the Delhi Govt in heath care. But, readers have again requested for more information on Poly Clinics.

Poly Clinics and Govt Hospitals

A Poly Clinic has quite strategically and conveniently been built in the premises of the state run Govt hospitals and, that's to ensure resources are fully shared.


We all know modern cities are ever expanding in their length and breadth, and to create new facility is not only a cost affair but always consumes much time.

Hence, the concept of clinics within the premises of an existing hospital ensures they remain upgraded and the resources of the existing hospitals are optimized, shared and utilized for the ever increasing needs of our population.

I am sure even the medical staffs would love the ambiance and environment of these state of the art clinic's infrastructure which'll help them take care of the patients and extend all possible support to overcome their ailments.

Operations and Resolution

To ensure quick resolution to the people who're afflicted with stubborn disease specialist doctors will sit in these clinics on rotation basis to provide instant care and support to the patients, and rotation strategy will eliminate staff shortage.

Surgical Intervention and Wait Time

It is an astutely planned strategy and in case there is a wait time of more than a month in Govt hospitals, then specialists may have the power recommend the patients to a private hospital for critical illness or surgical needs.

Diagnosis and Medicines

To be honest, in Govt hospitals it was hitherto unknown if costly diagnosis and tests could be made done in urgent situations. But, in a Poly Clinic such tools, tests, and diagnosis are available free to provide you the course of treatment.

Data Points and Statistics

At present, there is a target of 1000 Mohalla Clinics and 100 Poly Clinics to be set up by year end. Apart from it, huge number of hospital beds to be added in the existing hospitals in Delhi, in order to meet its ambitious goal, and instant capacity building initiatives.

Accolades and Recognition

Not only, Mohalla Clinic or Poly Clinic has drawn praise from eminent people like Mr. Kofi Annan and Dr. Amartya Sen. But, the US, France and other developed nations have planned to toy with the ideas of multi-clinics but to emulate them.

It sounds like a healthcare galore for the citizens of Delhi and, seems promises are made to be delivered. I guess each of the Govt steps is in the stronger side than the previous one. It's time to leave behind all the health ailments, isn't it?