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Raising a company from nothingness to something that is world-renowned is never easy

The online forum saves one the hassles and cumbersome process of shopping outside in the heat, dirt and crowd, while also delivering quality-trusted products according to one’s needs where one lives. Hence, Andaaz Fashion as a self-sustained and built business has come a long way since its establishment and hopes to go a much further way. Hope this story inspires others to follow suit, and be motivated to start a business that is profitable as well as renowned.

Monday August 01, 2016,

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It involves loads of hard work and dedication, investing long hours of sleepless nights and days into the working of the same. A strong economic base with a mind for profitable business alongside quality marketing is what makes a business grow and prosper. The growth, though slow, is bound to be seen and gradually one’s fruit of the labor is manifested in a job well done! Hence a reliable, valuable and profitable business is what the real objective should always be.

Started in August 2003, by Somnath Kohli and Vishal Juneja with a mere amount of personal capital invested, Andaaz Fashion has been in the fashion industry for over more than a decade now. In the years to follow the company’s inception, the founders invested far more than just their personal capital and time, and were rewarded bountifully. They picked up the vertical “traditional ethnic clothing” and then went deep into that category. Every possible forte was pursued- from sarees to salwar kameez to kurtis to even lehenga cholis. After two years of growth in this category, the focus was extended onto other categories like Jewelry and the likes, and before knowing it, the brand name became a huge hit in India, United States and Europe among other countries. Customer based preferences and categories were explored and focused upon, which in turn gave us enough returns within a year that were then used to fuel our marketing efforts. Positive returns were witnessed and massive work from the man-force employed at Andaaz Fashion, boosted growth over the years has kept it going steady for a span of over thirteen years and counting. It is now widely known for its exquisite collections of Indian Sarees and other traditional Indian ethnic wear like lehengas, salwar kameez, suits and the likes. These traditional dresses can be worn on any festival, parties, weddings, functions or even casually as they are very easy to wear, and can be comfortably carried off.

What worked for us was first and foremost of all the dedicated and personal involvement of the staff members of the firm, which has brought to us to the position at which we are now- a good, supportive and like-minded staff is to be recruited and invested in for your business to flourish and for it to realize it’s true worth. If they are on board your ship, then half of your anxiety for the same is reduced effectively, as you can focus on other important matters at hand and they in turn would help you out with the technicalities involved in marketing, as well as the rest. Secondly, cost cutting and effective usage of the resources is to be the primary aim if you need to run your business successfully, and at the same time save up some profits from it. Profit is really the objective of any business when he/she starts to think of starting a business; however we at Andaaz Fashion are also consumer-oriented wherein the utmost priority and focus is given to our customers as their needs and demands are taken care of, while adjacently one’s own profit margin is kept in view. Cost cutting is not an easy task, but you need a firm/strong mind and attitude to execute this properly so as to merge your human resources with your capital resources, in order to produce a fixed and promising income base for the future years. Wherever we could, we had cut costs at the beginning of the establishment such that it would remain cost effective and yield gains for us by the end of a half-year. When we saw that this system worked for us, we started to focus our energy and resource-base towards the same; this however does not mean that didn’t hire the required workforce after a required period of time- it was inevitable, because as our customer base improved over time, it became increasingly difficult for us to handle the pressure and a bunch of focused and driven young people were recruited for the job of handling and sharing our marketing and income woes. So as mentioned earlier, it was extremely requisite that we hire people who share our viewpoint and are passionately driven to execute their jobs to their fullest ability. Currently, the firm based in New Delhi, employs a total of 300+ committed employees including techs, factory overseers, designers, tailors, marketing professionals among others, small and big. Thus finding your value for money in each and every employee is what is imperative at the very start of your investment- no matter how large or little.

Finally, the most important thing of all, on which our business relies, is the product, and its quality. If you are selling a product and you swear by its quality and endurance, you are sure to find yourself a wide customer base and long credibility over the span of a very long time. It would be of absolutely no use if you produce products that are good at the beginning of your business, and its quality diminishes over a period of time; instead if you keep up the quality and strive each day to better the product, you will look at a very profitable gain by the end of the term. Howsoever much you invest into the product- be it the design, craftsmanship or the intricate tailoring, all of it will be repaid three-folds and maybe even much more. The progress would come slowly, but surely if you stick to this agenda and the remuneration is one to definitely look forward to. Our firm is now known worldwide due to its product integration and quality delivery in and around the world, right at our customer’s doorstep within a short period of notice.

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