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Top 7 3D printing jobs on the rise in India

7 direct and indirect job opportunities that 3D Printing Industry in India- Designer jobs, Medical device design, CAD experts, Research and development

Top 7 3D printing jobs on the rise in India

Wednesday August 09, 2017,

4 min Read


The former President of the United States of America Barack Hussein Obama once said that 3D Printing has got the “potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything”. There are an ample number of Job opportunities in the field of 3D printing for the unemployed youth of India. A 3D Printing Company in India will need a diverse range of professionals ranging from Designers to the nontechnical positions.

Here are 7 direct and indirect job opportunities that 3D Printing Industry in India is expected to create in the coming years:

1. Designer jobs: The job of a 3d printing company relies on designers heavily. It is the Designers who convert and translate the ideas into real things. There is an ocean of opportunities for designers in the field of 3D printing. A qualified, experienced and well-skilled Designer can be easily hired by 3D Printing firms and Companies as a part of their creative team. The Designers can also work as freelancers for these firms and companies if they are not interested in doing regular jobs.

2. Medical device design: The use of 3D printing is being done extensively in the fields of product designs, medical device design, and entertainment design etc. To remain ahead of the competition, the job seeker in this field needs to gain experience in the 3D Technologies and at the same time need to remain aware of the latest developments in this field. They need to become familiar with the latest and advanced 3D printing methods and should know how to use those methods for the quality production.

3. CAD experts: 3D printing is considered incomplete without the assistance of CAD experts. The CAD experts are trained individuals who know how to convert a product design into a digital blueprint that 3D printers need. So there will be a huge demand of 3D CAD modelers in this field alongside product designers.

The 3D CAD experts will be needed by a 3D Printing Company in India to construct mass 3D printing models which are important for 3D custom products.

4. Research and development: In the field of research and development, there will be a tremendous need for manpower. From a 3D Printed shoe to a branded clothing, the future of the industry in India is 3D Printing. So this field will open up opportunities for Fashion designers and researchers. Many Jewelry Design firms and Fashion related companies have started taking advantage of 3D printing technology.

5. Field of medicine: The 3D printing in India is not now limited just to consumer products, now it is being used to create prosthetic limbs and even human tissues. The utilization of 3D printing in the field of medicine can save lives. Moreover, the use of 3D printing can be made to create drones and other defense equipment. This will increase the demand for engineers, modelers, and designers in this field having a scientific or biomedical background.

6. Architecture industry: The 3D Printing and Designing has a great scope in the field of Architecture and Construction industry. It will replace the current 2D printing solutions. It is expected to redefine this industry. The 3D printing will make the 2D CAD modeling a history by producing true-to-life Models to represent structures. Till date, this work is being done majorly on paper.

7. Education field: Like Construction industry, the 3D Printing has a great use in the field of education as well. The schools, colleges, and Universities in India have started developing 3D printing courses at all the grade levels. This will open up a number of job opportunities in this field. There will be need of professionals for teaching the business and technical aspect of 3D printing and design.

According to an estimate, the 3D Printing and Design Industry in India witnessed 14 percent annual growth in India in the last five years. Hundreds of startups have come up in this field in the last few years, which provided employments to thousands of unemployed youth. As this industry boom, it will create tremendous job opportunities for the skilled youth. A 3d Printing Company in India will need a variety of professionals ranging from designers to the non-technical positions.