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How much does it cost to develop a food ordering application?

How much does it cost to develop a food ordering application?

Friday October 27, 2017,

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In today’s era, everyone is going more digital and techno-savvy .In the world of online marketing, Everyone wants to save his time whether he is customer or a restaurant business person everyone wants his food on his doorsteps The question arises about the budget or the scale of the business. for instance when we go to buy a dress to a shop in a mall we search for the best price, quality and varieties.In order to search for the best price and quality, we go through different shops and markets.The more we search for the quality more we pay for it. But if we want to invest less with the moderate quality we opt for the local market instead of branded and imported. In the same way, it works for the online mobile application. Generally, the cost depends on the developing company. As client explores the market he will find the different prices for the same application.The difference is only of the features he wants in it.


For instance ‘XYZ’ is a restaurant owner who is willing to keep pace in his business he definitely wants to move with the competitive world. He explores the market and finds that a software company “endive software pvt.ltd. is a quality provider. He will give his project to develop a mobile application for his website.

Now the question arises for the company to set the budget for the food ordering app  as it requires many resources such as its developing team, raw resources, it’s QA team, it’s analyzer’s team.To develop a food ordering app is totally depends on the features and the kind of apps a client wants. Its cost is decided by the company after taking concern about its features if a company wish to hire new experienced developers its cost will add on to the budget of the application. The main concern of the application developer is that how can we provide the desired features in the desired budget provided by the client in the best way? How can a company satisfy its client?

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Features and functionality can decide the complexity of the application. Company ask the query about the complexity of the application. whether he wants a simple app ,a moderate app or a complex app. The complex app includes the hyperlink with its website. i.e if a client wants to deliver user’s order in no time, whether a client wants his application to be user-friendly, Whether he wants an android application or an IOS application.

Cost of development is generally decided by the company as it invests in its engineers ,database,etc This is a heavy budget project in which developer have to provide every little detail about its content ,design, graphics, direction etc .if client wants to link his app with the GPS .it will need the permission from the google as it will access the google maps .Client wants to register his restaurant with the existing websites which provides the whole details of the restaurants in your location and I’s contact information etc .for example zomato is a website containing information about all the restaurants’ menu ratings and reviews . above mentioned features are the example of complex mobile application generally it costs $8,000-$50,000

But in India it will cost around $6,000- $15,000 for a simple table-based application in which customer is provided with contents of the menu , Directions and few similar examples of the application. A moderate level application is preferred in India where digital marketing is growing with time where neither client have the heavy budget nor companies are able to pay its engineers heavy resources.

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