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Intellectual property and social media: safeguard your venture

Intellectual Property Rights are exclusive legal rights that safeguard the creations of the brain. The intellectual property rights are provided over intangible holdings like literary, musical or artistic work; inventions; designs, symbols, phrases etc. Intellectual property rights are given in the form of patent, trademark, copyright and design patent. 

Intellectual property and social media: safeguard your venture

Wednesday April 18, 2018,

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With the rise of technology and over the top efficient phones, the age of social media is on the rise. There are almost 1.65 billion active users of social media. Along with the exponential rise of social media, tags, and handles, the threats of wrongful stealing and imitating are coming in the picture too. 

It is being called “brand-jacking” which is the act of hijacking social media presence of a recognized firm. Brandjacking typically means that one or group of person uptake the online identity of another entity. These kinds of people are known as “brand assassins” who overtly feed on the established brand reputation of other ventures over a period of time.

Social media is now the arena of brand assassins are their identity cannot be openly figured out and behind a computer screen; they are misusing IP rights.

Intellectual Property and Social Media

Intellectual Property and Social Media

To make sure that your venture on social media stays safe, there are certain measures that you can adopt.

Tips for trademark protection on social media:

How can trademark help?

Trademark Registration is something that can protect your venture from illegal mark imitation and also if someone is caught doing this, he can be sued in the court of law for Trademark Infringement. It basically makes sure that you are the sole user and owner of the registered mark.

Every consumer in the market endorses a certain trademark that directly affects their purchasing choice. If you have spent a significant measure of time on the Trademark Search and have found the most suitable mark for the venture, it will instantly be recognized by potential customers.

Registering a trademark:

You can only register a trademark, only if it is a distinct mark and can be associated only with your venture. For instance, you cannot register “paints” for a paint company.

You can register following things as a trademark:

1. Domain name

2. Product name

3. Logos

4. Hashtags

5. Slogans

Utilizing your trademark in social media:

Once you start using your trademarked name in social media like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat, your brand will start to stand out from other ventures.

According to reports, in 2015 Facebook single-handedly influenced 52% of sales in both offline and online fields.

If you get a hashtag trademarked, start mentioning it on Instagram and Facebook posts.

Enforcing your trademark in social media:

Social media is the fastest growing industry in the 21st century and it connects you to thousands of people. However, along with potential customers, rivals can also obtain your intellectual property. Hence, you have to be on constant watch to make sure that no one infringes on your mark and you can enforce it.

Following are the ways which can help you out in enforcing trademarks:

1. Social Media Monitoring

2. Make sure that you are familiar with Terms and Services Contract of different Social Media platform.

3. Interact with Trademark Attorney