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5 Tips for Hiring an Android App Developer in 2018

In this post, we will provide you some useful thumb rules which you can keep in your mind while hiring an Android app developer.

5 Tips for Hiring an Android App Developer in 2018

Monday November 20, 2017,

5 min Read

Tips for Hiring Android App Developer

Tips for Hiring Android App Developer

Smartphones are becoming an inalienable part of our life. We perform many activities with the help of smartphone apps. These applications are irreplaceable as our daily tasks are linked to it. The high demand for applications pushes the businesses to develop their apps. Enterprises are spending hours to research how to find the best mobile development services in their town and fortunately, there is no shortage of it.

Android and iOS both are moving forward to beat other operating systems. The first thing any enterprise does before creating an app is to see the number of users in their primary market and in developing countries, Android is winning this game. There are many firms that are providing Android app development services. But some people prefer to hire developers to get personalized work experience.

In this post, we will provide you some useful thumb rules which you can keep in your mind while hiring an Android app developer.

1. Look for Business not for Development

Hiring a developer from a reputed firm will be a good step for you, as you can get maintenance and post-delivery services with development. You have lots of benefit like you can go through the approaches the project management team and developer follow; you are involved in every phase.

You can do here a brief homework to find a good app development company which can assure you of long-term quality services and you can rely on it for your future needs. This will be a fruitful business deal which can make greater ROI (Return-on-Investment).

2. Impressive App Portfolio

This is the crucial step in hiring a mobile developer. Look for the portfolio which can impress you the most and you can see the extreme quality apps in it. Go through the apps, download them and use them to see its functionalities, features and analyze its quality in that period of time.

Try to see the reviews to know about the app at the app store. Important validations of developer’s work can be known by industry where he/she is working to get his/her working pattern. Check the relevant experience in the industry and specialization in Java and Eclipse or Android Studio, look for the abilities to accept challenges and choose the one who can bring uniqueness to the entire development.

3. Expert Mobile App Skills

Expert Mobile App Skills

Expert Mobile App Skills

This is the most obvious step of your hiring process; you will definitely try to filter out best individual. But before involving in much agitation, let’s make it simple. Three important things you can rely on are –

• Skills – For android coders, they must be certified with the course, have a sound knowledge of programming languages like Java, XML, must have hands on Android SDK, knowledge of APIs and good communication skills.

• Experience – at least 4-6 years of experience in android development line & handled the team in an organization.

• Critical Thinking – able to put his presence of mind instead of doing as it is required. He must be able to give uniqueness to your requirements.

The code is important but still, app development is something more than the code. The developer should be an all-rounder in design, coding, product management, marketing and much more. The developer should be able to think beyond apps such as how to make money with the app. how to make a marketing strategy with that app and something which include the business growth.

The developer must have a proven track record of these less technical skills to give a potential app. take your time to realize the abilities of the developer and match it with your requirements so that you can proactively deliver your idea on the development and he/she can implement it in a better way.

4. Ask for the documentation of apps

Documentation is important when you need to add changes in the apps to improve the features. Ask them to provide reliable documentation of app because having readily available information is of great help while setting up new functionalities, testing or maintaining the apps. The documentation must include the app name, version, server name, actual server location, IP, URL to access the app, operating system, user account information, directory path for the code and a point of contact.

5. Hire the Person, not the Program

No matter how skilled your developer is, no matter what quality you get in your app development, the developer must be the one who can understand your requirements and deal with it. The firm must have good work culture from where you are hiring an app developer. The developers should be friendly and it should be easy to communicate with them to share needs and get a quick solution to it.


Android is the easy option for developers and users too. Users can go with any choice of device to have this. And this is the reason for its popularity and mass adoption. Many enterprises develop their apps for the Android platform to reach the maximum possible users. Beginners are sharpening their skills to get hands-on Android App development.

Take your time to choose the expert and hire them for your next Android app. The working relationship you begin with your developer is the ultimate route of communication, so choose the developer wisely and also prepare yourself to ask uncommon questions to dive into the depth of his/her thinking pattern.

Get a look at his/her achievement and don’t leave if one does not have such. You can ask about their performance with previous clients and realize their strengths and weak points. Once you are done with all this, you can communicate with them and ask direct questions to check their presence of mind.

A successful app is the combined effort of developer and one who is good at delivering your requirements and a great mix of his skills. Stay focused at each phase and take part in each activity to analyze the suitability of the steps taken. You can ask the development companies for hiring a great individual.