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Types of ceiling fans

Types of ceiling fans

Friday August 04, 2017,

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Ceiling Fan With Heater

With winter fast approaching, folks are reassessing their home heating options. One both stylish and efficient alternative to consider is a ceiling fan with heater. Because heat rises, it makes sense to place a heater in a ceiling fan where the hot air can be redirected and blown downward where it can do the most good. Traditional ceiling fans also push air down and are estimated to save up to 40% on air conditioning costs. The next natural step is to expand on a good thing and include a ceiling fan with heater.


There are several reasons why a ceiling fan with heater is the perfect choice for your winter comfort. Installing them is no more difficult than installing a regular ceiling fan. Most come with the hardware needed to do the job. They can take the place of an existing light fixture as well though proper wiring then becomes a consideration. A variety of styles are available making them easy to incorporate into your existing home decor. They come in an assortment of colors including white, wood grain and metal finishes. They are perfect for rooms with high ceilings where so much energy is wasted where it is least needed. They use less wattage, in most cases, than a hair dryer. A ceiling fan with heater is the ideal solution, forcing warmth to where it is needed the most.

Most ceiling fans with heaters come with a remote control. They range from extremely simple on and off options to a variety of features to suit your purposes. Being able to control the temperature in the room with the push of a button is enticing enough but knowing you are saving energy by doing it is priceless. The innovative design of the ceiling fan with heater creates airflow where cold spots in a room no longer exist. They have been proven to be super efficient costing only pennies to run compared to standard home heating methods.

Best of all, buying a ceiling fan with heater is affordable. Depending on your choice of features, it will cost you less than a single delivery of home heating fuel. It is an investment that will pay for itself over and over again. And it can be used year round keeping airflow even through all the seasons. There is no better way to ensure comfort for your family.

Before the winter sets in is the time to consider home heating options. You now know a ceiling fan with heater is a snap to install, comes in a variety of styles and colors, is as easy to operate as a television remote control, offers savings in energy and energy costs and is affordable to purchase. It can heat only the rooms you want heated and provides comfortable even airflow throughout the whole room. It makes sense. Keeping your family warm and cozy will help chase away the winter blues. A ceiling fan with heater is the best choice as you prepare for the long winter season.

Flush Mount Ceiling Fan


Flush mount ceiling fans can be used in many unlikely locations, from wet outdoor areas to great rooms with pitched ceilings without sacrificing style. In an outdoor area that may be damp or wet due to exposure to rain or wet landscaping features, a surprising variety of styles are available. Outdoor patios, gazebos, covered decks or even temporary sales tents may have special requirements, but the design choices are fantastic. There are two ratings for outdoor use; one will indicate the fan is suitable for use in wet conditions, where the other will only be suitable for damp conditions. Outdoor uses of ceiling fans are also effective at keeping flying insects at bay, cooling and maintaining dryer conditions for your patio furniture and grill.

Installing flush mount ceiling fans in great rooms is a cinch, with the many improvements in the ceiling fan market over the years. No matter what style you are looking for, flush mounts is not a hindrance with a pitched ceiling. Most great rooms have a center beam, which is perfect for any blade span you are looking for. If the great room does not have a center beam, a faux beam can easily be added or a faux medallion providing the depth required for the flush mount ceiling fan of your choice. These hollow, wood or composite additions to ceilings are attractive and a stylish backdrop to a flush mount ceiling fan.

The flush mount is as versatile has the standard mounts for any ceiling fan. Your fan location will have more bearing on the styles available to you. Choose from sleek, low-profile, nickel/chrome or bronze finishes providing an industrial look or go with the more traditional, dark wood blade with a warm light; you do not have to limit your design preferences with the flush mount ceiling fan. The blade length will be important, be sure to consider the proximity to pitched walls, other obstacles in smaller spaces or hanging items such as plants, curtains or retail inventory which could interfere with the placement of a flush mount ceiling fan; a shorter blade can be compensated with a wider width increasing air flow and efficiency.

A flush mount is often less noisy over time, since there is no arm extending down from the ceiling; the less parts, the quieter the fan. A flush mount affordable ceiling fan has one less part to adjust, which decreases mounting challenges such as wobbling and noise in operation. With continued use, there is much less to require repair or adjustment since an extension arm is not required. Consider a flush mount ceiling fan for any location knowing it is a versatile product in today’s market.