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Misconceptions about marketing you must know about

An article for students who are dropping out from the placement interview for the Marketing Executive.

Misconceptions about marketing you must know about

Friday February 16, 2018,

5 min Read

Marketing is basically a technique which an organization utilizes so as to communicate with their potential clients. With the help of this technique, the organization familiarizes them regarding the benefits, specifications as well as other such information about their products and services. Hence, it is essential for us to eliminate the doubts from the mind of people about marketing. The present compilation on, Misconceptions about Marketing you must know about is an effort in the same direction.


What is the main aim of marketing?

The main aim of marketing is to attract the target clients towards any product. For marketing, the companies use different types of methodologies. With the use of either or combination of the techniques, the organization applies them for the advertisement of their product. It can be either mouth to mouth, door to door, advertisements on various platforms and a lot more.

Additionally, with the rise of Digital Platforms, we can also notice a rise in the Digital Marketing tools. This depicts that Marketing has established firm roots everywhere. Even while we are sitting peacefully in any corner of the world, we can notice some or another advertisement running on our mobile screen.

Confusions among candidates

People often say that Marketing isn’t a field worth joining, as you wouldn’t be doing your Technical work. But it’s a sheer lie, teaching isn’t also a technical work but does it mean that all the technical faculties shall stop teaching?

Marketing increases the value of your product into the market, people become aware of it. In this way, they can decide which product to buy. Without a proper Marketing strategy, no company can progress sustainably. So in today’s scenario Marketing is as important as the technical work.

Hence, marketing is the essential strategy in the modern-day techniques. Nowadays, when there are plenty of options available for getting a single product, the one with a popular product and better marketing strategy will be the 'King of the Market'.

Due to this, there is an urgent need for the experienced and skillful individuals. While such individuals available are scarce, therefore the organizations are ready to pay the desirable salary to them. Then what is making the students hesitant about accepting the Marketing jobs? It's all because of the Misconceptions about Marketing prevailing amongst the mindset of parents and that of the students.

Therefore, the importance of the marketing employee of the organization is far more valuable than the employees involved in the technical aspects of the product. Although the technical engineer is manufacturing the products, it's the marketing manager who is making the things happen in the market.

People's misconceptions about marketing

Now, coming to people’s mindset. The most common myth about a person pursuing a career in marketing is, "Marketing people have to wander everywhere." Now it depends on the person what he loves. Who doesn’t love traveling? In Marketing, you’ve got an opportunity to wander in and around the country with a good amount of salary delivering in your account every month. So basically you’re getting money for communicating with people and for traveling around.

It’s a skill, an art, in which if you’re efficient you can bring lots of money into your account. But now you’ll get worried that ‘What about my Technical Skills?’ By joining Marketing, your Technical Skills aren't going to be a waste. Marketing also requires Technical knowledge which a Non-Technical person wouldn’t be able to do. Because customers might ask you a question not related to your product. If the Marketing Executive isn’t able to answer then it would be a blot for them.

Therefore, the organization focuses more on the recruitment of the Marketing Personnel rather than the technical engineers. Because they can train the technical engineers as per their own requirement. But, teaching someone to communicate in a good manner, improving a person's writing as well as verbal skills is seemingly an impossible task. 

Who must join the field of marketing?

Considering the country like India, where some people are not engineered by wish, getting them into the technical field might cause drastic results! For such people, making a career in the marketing field will be better to go option. They are aware of the basics, they know How to talk (Of course, we Indians are talkative!). Engineering has transformed them into writers. (Those pre-submission nights!) and a lot more.

Such kind of people is a suitable product for any organization looking for marketing executives. To sell a product begins with a communication. When in a marketing field, you get an opportunity to visit various organizations. It can also be a company you were dreaming of to get in. Instead of being their employee, you are having a perk of being their client or vendor. Isn't it an exciting job? 

So, Next time, if someone tells you, making a career in the Marketing field is a waste, Just remember the words. He is unaware of the Market! The sole purpose of this article on, Misconceptions about Marketing is to encourage the present students to pursue a career in marketing. It is for sure having a better scope for them in future. And in the long run, it is going to benefit them as well as the organization they are working for.