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How to run SEO in the fashion industry

How to run SEO in the fashion industry

Wednesday April 18, 2018,

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Before SEO came to revolutionize marketing in all industries, marketing in fashion enterprise was limited to fashion shows, magazines and catalogs, and reality TV fashion programs. Though these traditional marketing methods are still used today to seize marketing opportunities, the majority of fashion entrepreneurs are now using savvy digital marketing techniques to maintain a firm grip on the ever-changing consumer population. It is the phenomenon that makes SEO in the fashion industry very important.

Michael Brown, the Customer Success manager of Semalt Digital Services points out the key factors that reveal the importance of SEO for the fashion industry.

Anyone who has been working in the fashion and apparel industry, even just for a few months, understands that the industry is being transformed by technology. Well, this is common for all industries, but the speed of this transformation is what is of more concern.

There are industries that seem to experience technological disruptions at a higher frequency than others so fashion happens to be one of them. In almost every corner of the globe, customers can buy fashion items online using their computers and mobile devices. There’s a lot of growing enthusiasm among internet users about buying stuff online. Social media is the fiercest contributor to this trend and as each day comes, it fuels e-commerce even more.

Implications of SEO dominance in marketing

Due to the terrifically growing e-commerce industry, business owners in the fashion industry don’t have much of a choice but to learn how to take advantage of e-commerce. It is the only way to survive the fierce competition in the market.

SEO takes care of one of the major concerns that fashion players must address – online visibility. The idea of SEO for online visibility is pretty simple to understand. The typical consumer of fashion goods spends a significant part of their day online. Studies by market research titans have indicated that people spend over 4 hours on the internet. And obviously, when they aren’t online they think about that interesting thing they saw on the internet.

This means you’d lose so much as a fashion business owner if you are not consistently found online.

Another critical aspect of SEO that every fashion player needs to understand today is the increasing use of mobile devices for surfing the World Wide Web. You have to make sure that your customers can comfortably access your site using their mobile devices otherwise they’ll jump to your competitor’s website in a flash of a second.

Actions for effective SEO in your fashion business


Here are some SEO basics that will make your online marketing more effective:

Have a mobile responsive website to ensure that your content is easily viewable by customers on mobile devices.

Add high-quality, valuable content to your site frequently. Note that the phrase “content is king” has changed to “value is king”. Today’s consumer wants information that addresses his/her specific shopping needs in a timely manner. That’s the simplest meaning of the valuable content.

Present your fashion business excellently everywhere your customers regularly visit. Particularly, extend your SEO efforts to social media. Let your products and yourself interact with customers through social media posts, videos, hashtags, etc. Social media can help you keep in touch with your customers more than your website can.

Don’t forget the ever-classic SEO techniques like making URLs, content titles, meta descriptions, and content keyword-rich. In other words, always ensure that search engines’ ranking formulae do not catch you off-guard. Always have your site set for the top position on search engine result pages.

As the fashion industry becomes digitalized at a faster rate by each dawn, it’s important to keep SEO at the top of your mind if you’re a fashion business owner. With flawless SEO, you can be sure to gain a competitive advantage over your competitors with regard to online visibility. SEO provides a great return on investment, especially for fast-changing industries like fashion and apparel.