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Ready to change for Organic Groceries @ Non-Organic Price?


Friday November 04, 2016,

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Karbana.com, is a start-up e-commerce company founded by Ranjith Sadagobi is one of the India's Largest collection of Exclusive Organic Range of Products. Our collection ranges from Organic clothing, Organic Inner wears, Organic Groceries, Cosmetics & many more. 

The "Express Grocery" page in the website is to provide Organic Groceries at an affordable rate equal to Non-Organic price tag, there by making a common man easily switchable to Organic there by marching towards a healthier India.

<b>KARBANA.COM, Your Organic Partner</b>

KARBANA.COM, Your Organic Partner

The products displayed in the Express Groceries page is the essential groceries used by a common man for their monthly needs. 

The other interesting product for today's young women is "Organic Cotton Leggings"  which is now part of their day to day life. We supply "Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) " Certified Leggings at an attractive price tag starting from Rs 299  whereas the market average price of a ordinary leggings is Rs 400/- . 

Karbana.com also offers varities of Organic Lingeries, Inner wear for both Women & Men .

The usage of Organic Clothing for Kids, women & men can reduce lot of diseases as no chemicals are used in the Organic cotton from the seed stage and hence no chemicals attracted to your body directly like usage of normal cotton dresses.

We are also offering a rice named "Mapillai Samba Rice" in "Organic" , the rice which lost its charm before Green revolution in Tamil Nadu . The Mapillai samba rice is the best rice for diabetic , Increases your immunity on eating for continuous 60 days and can even prevent cancer.