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What are the best ranking factors for Google Search results?

For ranking your business website at the top of the Google Search results.Some of the ranking factors are to be considered which makes your website rank.

What are the best ranking factors for Google Search results?

Tuesday April 11, 2017,

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Google is the best Search Engine in the world which is updating its algorithm regularly. This provides the good search experience to the users. To rank the web page in Google, it takes all the factors into consideration. Many of the business websites should be optimized according to the Google’s guidelines for ranking their website at the top of the search results.

Some of the Google ranking factors are:

Local Search Results

Due to day-to-day advancements in technology, many of the users are using their mobile phones for searching the nearby businesses around them. Google My Business helps your businesses to appear on local searches and make the targeted users find easily. For ranking your businesses at the top of the Google’s search results join in Digital Marketing Course in Chennai. This is very essential to create the Google My Business. The information provided in the Google My business should be same which is listed on the website too. This will rank your website better for geo-targeted keywords.

Page Loading Speed

This is also the main ranking factor of the website in Google Search results. Google prefers the websites which have less loading speed. For any website, the loading speed must be less than 3.5 seconds. If the loading speed takes more time, your site will lose the ranking credibility. If the page load speed is high, you will miss leads to your business and Google Ranking as well.

Featured Snippets

Google has introduced the featured snippets for search queries, so many of the marketers are trying to get their websites featured. These featured snippets are the Quick Answer Box, this appears on the top of the search results with a link to the featured website. The questions are usually queried for the featured snippets, so your website must have the question along with good answer which must be displayed in the Google’s Quick Answer Box.

Mobile First Index

Google has developed the mobile first index, which is used to check your website mobile friendly or not. If your website is mobile optimized version then it ranks better in Google results. Digital Marketing Training in Chennai is the best choice to improve your skills for ranking your website. To rank higher in search engines results and get the more traffic to your website this mobile first index is an important factor.

No pop-ups

Google has started to block the websites which are displaying the pop-ups and reducing their ranks of websites. These pop-ups block the content and making the people not to read the text.

Quality Content

Maintaining the website with good quality contents makes your website to rank better in the Google Search results. With the Google’s Webmaster Guidelines, all the pages in the website must provide the high-quality content which is more informative to the users and even search engine spiders crawls easily. Google rank your website when the content is precise, accurately describing the topic.


Link building is the most important ranking factor of your website to rank in Google. The quality of links is more important for ranking and webmaster expects links from the quality blogs, websites with high PA and DA, newspapers etc.

I hope this article will provide you the information about how to rank your website in the Google Search results. For more interesting articles about the Digital Marketing, Stay tuned!