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Getting the right strokes to sail through the odds

Hang in there!  

Thursday August 03, 2017,

2 min Read

We need to believe in ourselves, especially when we are going through a tough phase. There is a popular saying don't take a 'U' turn, you never know the destination could be just ahead of the curve. So, 'hang in there', is the mantra, once you set yourself to achieve something important! 

There are certain tenets I have learnt to pursue to keep the spirits high while working against the odds.

1. Bounce back - You may start very positively, but later you may feel the pangs of de-motivation, critics attempting to pull you down, and many other huddles. You can lie low and continue working on your goal. Doesn't matter if the pace or progress is rather slow than expected. The need is to keep it going. This will save you the efforts to bounce back with all the needed rigor . 

2. Find your support system - You may need people who could work, guide and encourage you through this phase. Hence be thoughtful to choose the relevant people that will add value to your journey. This support system will help you when you tend to get derailed and get you back on track.

3. Pause and Reflect - Though consistent focus and attention is required, you also need to take a pause and reflect on your journey. This will help to align your thoughts, feelings and action and pursue your journey with more conviction.

4. Reflect on your success and failures - You will find immense insights when you take time out to reflect on your success and failures. The usual thing to do, is to celebrate success and mourn failures. Nothing wrong, it is a natural human response. But go beyond it and reflect on your success and failures, it will empower you with the zeal of self awareness and mechanism to cope and learn from them. 

5. Share your story - It is important you share your story for others to pick a few lessons. Also this helps you understand yourself better as a person. Gandhi, in his book, 'My experiments with the truth', has explored so much about himself while sharing his story. It is a very powerful thing to do!