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Why are Telecoms moving to OTT apps?

Why are Telecoms moving to OTT apps?

Wednesday June 13, 2018,

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We have entered into the digital world where most and every work is performed through the internet. It not only provides us with the latest information on new and advanced services and products but also helps us stay connected with near and far distant relatives and friends. This dependency has increased the demand of communication infrastructure. To meet the demands of the digitization, telecoms are moving to OTT.

For an enhanced experience of staying connected - Hybrid OTT is a future of communication. If the enterprise practices old traditional method of working, then it’s not going to survive in the future. To remain on top of the game they need to switch to OTT. To keep the revenue flowing, and telecom that is forward facing understands the ups and downs of the business this is one of the main reasons that force telecom to shift to (over the top services) OTTs.

For instance, in the telecom world, a hybrid OTT calling app can seamlessly switch between mobile networks (GSM/CDMA) and data (mobile data or Wi-Fi). This gives the user a seamless voice calling experience, increasing customer stickiness, and ARPU.

For better services - Hybrid platform gives more access to both native and web applications. This way the developer install best of both worlds while developing an app. A native app that is primarily sourced out for the computing device, web applications are picked for mobile computing. It’s through this robust platform that gives a handset a web view. This fosters access to camera, contacts, accelerometer and more.

To meet the growing digital needs of consumers - Dependency of the consumers has crossed far off SMS and voice messaging. They have generated interest in games, music, apps and wallpaper and their interest in OTT services has increased. The increasing demand very much depends on improved data speed, cheaper data plans and the reasonable price of the handset that allows general users to switch to the smartphone, thus laying a heavy market for OTT services.

For holding the pulse of youth brigade - Gone are the days when people stick to their TV, video player or music system. With everything at just a click away, OTT is making a lot of difference. Making different features available at the touch of a finger like TV shows, songs, DVDs, etc. through Netflix is a live example of OTT.

To compete in digital marketing - The prevailing trend of digitization is challenging every sector and every age group, thus affecting the additional ways of governing models and business strategies. To deal with this situation everyone has to think out of the box to survive in the challenging world of Digitalization. It’s all the data game that runs on the wheels of IT and technology that combines data and allows easy delivery at any time and anywhere.

Keeping pace with the digital world couldn’t be made possible without over the top services. With the main motto re-skill or perish, the Hybrid platform continues to grow in near future. Staying connected with the services will assist in much-needed expansion and growth of the company.

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