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Onlinegatha.com - The endless tale of many untold stories

The endless tale of many untold stories

Thursday September 29, 2016,

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Stories, no matter what kind, are meant to be heard. To make sure that everyone’s story had a voice in this practically inaudible world, the team of onlinegatha.com dreamed to create a platform which can turn into an endless tale of such untold stories. With the focus set on the authors who were totally unwary of the jargons of traditional publishing world, two friends left their boring day-to-day jobs and founded onlinegatha.com. Since then, self-publishing a book has turned into the latest fad amongst published and unpublished authors and those newbie authors who were often labelled as dufus in the writer’s world could actually achieve a break for themselves to step into the writing world.

With Mr. Sumit Srivastava (CEO) and Mr. Raunak Srivastava(Co-founder) as the founding members of the company, onlinegatha.com took off in the year 2014 and since then, has welcomed over 3000+ authors till date on their platform who have self- published their own works online. The self publishing platform was not so well known amongst the author community by that time, and that was the basic idea which helped onlinegatha team to propel through the deluge of numerous traditional publishing companies with already established infrastructure and brand name. Ever since the onset of onlinegatha.com, self publishing a book ,that too completely free of charges, has turned into a child’s play. The publishing process can even be assisted by onlinegatha team for a very nugatory price. Besides providing for facilities such as ebook self- publication, hard copy self book publication in just 30 days of manuscript submission, the onlinegatha staff also handles stuff like book marketing, book launch, cover design and formatting work for the authors too. In the last 2 years , the company claims to publish over 300+ titles and sold books in over 11+ countries across the world.

According to the content manager and creative head of team onlinegatha - Sanjary Srivastava, the sheer ease of use of the website amalgamated with smooth services and perfectly curated content are the key drivers in the success of onlinegatha.com. The authors who approach the team are amazed to see the plethora of genres being published by the company and the number of titles that have already been published.

Mr. Varun Mishra, the Business Development Manager of team onlinegatha, believed that authors deserved to have easy access to the tools and procedures which usually takes months to even grasp fully inside the head. With this thought, onlinegatha stepped forward and barged into the world being ruled largely by either big companies or the governments, i.e. copyrights and ISBN codes. The reality of the mundane processes and the haphazard response of the authorities involved in providing these two very basic needs of a book and the signing author really struck the onlinegatha team hard. Finally, after throwing in a lot of time, hard work and planning, onlinegatha.com came up with the handy service of providing on- demand ISBN codes and copyright policies.

Thanks to the elite finish and design of the website , which is accredited to Ms. Shubhra Singh, the team leader of the technical team, the authors are smitten by the design and responsiveness of the website which works well on both desktop browsers and mobile browsers. The team is lead by Ms. Sonal Gupta working as project manager, who thrives to integrate the efforts of the entire team and align the processes towards achieving profit, both in terms of the company and the authors. Mr. Shubham Srivastava manages the marketing and strategical planning for the website and has managed to turn onlinegatha.com from a mere website into a brand name at par with other publishing and self publishing websites.

Above are the photographs of our some of our key team members :)