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Empowering Technology in Eastern India

From a Nutshell - Sudolearn Technologies

Empowering Technology in Eastern India

Wednesday September 28, 2016,

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So schools as we know them today are obsolete. We are technically creating thousands of ghosts of the same person. We take people from varied background and give them uniform training and education and put them on the same line, and they end up doing similar stuff in life. However, with the increase in number, the error margin is going to increase as well. Having foreseen this, education was started to be imparted to solve problems in not the just bureaucratic system, but across several product and service based industries. Universities as we know them today, are schools which train kids on a specialized course so they could potentially go work in one of these industries.

Now, to the real problem. Any industry, invariably of the science it works on, is going to constantly update the technology or basis of operation, to improve its efficiency and throughput. However, the schools are full of pure educationists and academicians who are not aware of what is trending in the industry and impart what was imparted to them when they were students. From the academic perspective, it is essential to understand the basic concept on which the industry operates. And this is right, keeping in mind the fact that concepts are basic sciences and laws of nature which can’t be updated or changed. What changes in the industry, are practices and techniques.

Thus, the universities end up producing candidates who are conceptually excellent. But when these candidates begin working in the industry, the industry has to spend a considerable amount of time and resources training the candidate on the latest practices and trends which shall make the job more efficient and smooth.

Many companies unwilling to waste the resources and time on training don’t recruit candidates without relevant experience. It is fair from their perspective since the resources are allocated for output, not training and education purpose. It pulls back the throughput. This is why you often see the bottom line saying “we don’t hire freshers.”

What’s the solution, I wondered. It was then, that it stuck to me. There was a void waiting to be filled. The industry requires candidates with experience. Schools provide conceptually strong candidates. All we had to do, was to take these conceptually strong candidates and train them on industry practices. This revelation led me to create a new company, for technical training, wherein we have a panel of industry experts who train school students on industry practices.

We turned this into a business, and we now call it Sudolearn Technologies. Sudolearn trains students in engineering schools, on embedded systems platform and advanced electronics, required skill sets. Embedded systems is a trending automation platform where the need for engineers is increasing by the day.

PCB Designing and Fabrication Workshop at ITER, S'O'A University, Bhubaneswar -  February 2016

PCB Designing and Fabrication Workshop at ITER, S'O'A University, Bhubaneswar -  February 2016

We three {Mr. Dilip Balasubramanian (Mumbai), Mr. Zeehan Anjum (Bihar) and Mr. Siddharth Bhatter (Delhi)} meet-up from different horizons of India, to build an ecosystem for providing embedded training on industry required technology. The Idea was initiated by Mr. Siddharth Bhatter, who was looking to start his own business/startup. The networking happened over about 100+ Skype meetings. By late 2015, the pillars of Sudolearn were constructed. Many other people play the vital role in creating my rungs of a stair.

Currently, Sudolearn Technologies is headed by Mr. Siddharth Bhatter,  head office at Delhi. By late April they started centres in Mumbai and Bhubaneswar, headed by Mr. Dilip and Mr. Siddharth respectively. In Maharashtra Mr. Dilip - a serial entrepreneur joined with venture – WeCan Education which is a partner company with Sudolearn Technologies.

A good time was kind of a farfetched idea. Here they started our Summer Training Program in Mumbai and Bhubaneswar simultaneously with paid Internship in the field of Embedded System. We were the first company in Odisha, to provide internship in ARM Processor and Wireless Communication Systems. The candidate selected as an intern was Mr. Dipti Ranjan Sahoo, Rourkela, Odisha.

Sudolearn Technologies conducted workshops, training, and seminars at ample of college across India. The kids built some really cool projects on Atmel and ARM-based controllers. We have already started providing the service to school because the spark and enthusiasm of learning the “HOW THINGS WORK” or “HOW WE CAN MAKE IT” was an early seed to be sown.

Time just adding up they came up with their West Bengal chapter, wherein we joined hands with Armatrics Application and Adeptree Tech Zone. Mr. Abhijit Maitre (Managing Director) with more than 25+ years of experience, senior level leadership for start-up, early level growth and global operations, Managing as Authorised ServiceCentre for Siemens Automation products in Eastern India, joined hands with Sudolearn Technologies and Adeptree Tech Zone for a bright future.

But that’s not the end, in September we get our wings, Sudolearn Technologies is a technology driven start-up. Fire Wings, a great venture/start-up headed by Mr. Abinash Sahoo (CEO, Fire Wings, an Aeronautical Engineer). Having expertise in UAVs, Drone, and various other confidential projects. He is a very energetic person with great knowledge. They are recognised by Government of Odisha and working for Odisha Police and various other industries. Sudolearn Technologies with Fire Wings started next training endeavour, Quad-Copter Dynamics. Training program in which students learn how to design and develop drones/quadcopters from scratch to sky.

Education can’t stop here. We have now solved one major problem we thought needs to be solved. We now know two phases of education, conceptual education, and practical education. However, with the progress of time, we might need to change the phase of education, into something which may be the need of the hour. With every paradigm shift, new organizations need to take up the challenges and solve them effectively thereby creating opportunities and setting up standards.

"It Might Take A Year
It Might Take A Day
But What's Meant To Be Will Find It's Way"
Sudolearn Technologies