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4 awesome team building activities for your team

we have created our own approach to team building activities through various unique games, interactions, and exercises. 

Team Building activity by RidgeGap.com

Get employees much excited to blend and co-work together which increases the productivity of the organization with a team building activities that help the team to learn which teaches the employees with real-world scenarios. The team events like this be a great plus and valuable to your employees and organization to explore new opportunities by allowing the employees to explore each other and improve in the working skill set they exchange.

Get inspired by the following ideas, which range from cooking to selling.

1. Game of Possibilities

Duration: 10Minutes

Participants: One or more small groups of min. 4 people

Rules of the Game: This would be a quick team building activity. Provide any property/object to a person of the individual group. Every participant of the group takes turns to go and demonstrate the use or purpose of the particular object. The other participants of the group take turns to guess what the player is demonstrating about. The player cannot speak and only perform the action to find the object.

Objective: This activity helps the team to be creative and get inspired by the innovative approach used by the player to explain.

2. Winner/Loser

Duration: 10 Minutes

Participants: Three or more people

Rules: One of the participants share the bad experience which had occurred in his or her life in the past to another contestant. The incident can be personal or professional but it must be a true thing which had happened. Again the participant explains the good thing about the incident to the other partner with the focus of positive aspects. Later, the other partner explains the sliver lining of the bad thing to come out with good intentions.

Objective: This team building activity helps the participants to learn and discover how to overcome negatives aspects of life by exploring positivity together.

3. Scavenger Hunt

Duration: 1 Hour

Participants: Three or more small groups

Team Building activity by RidgeGap.com

Rules: We need Pen and a sheet of paper to start. Dissolve the groups into teams of two to three people. Come up with a crazy task the other team has to perform as a group event. Tasks can be talking to a stranger, taking a selfie with boy or girl, borrowing money, breaking rules at the work place etc. Exchange the sheets with each other group and provide deadlines to perform the act. Who so ever performs the task first will be the winner of the event.

Objective: Great team building activity to bring in bonding between the teams. Planning and execution of the task to be a winner. Top of all a fun team event to socialize.

4. Human Knot

Duration: 10- 20 Minutes

Participants: 10 to 20 people group

Team Building activity by RidgeGap.com

Rules: All the participant stand to form a circle facing one another with a should facing distance. One of the players has to instruct to pull their right and out and hold the other hand in random from the circle. Next, tell the participants to pull their left and out and hold another hand in the circle. After this is formed the games begins to untangle the knots of the hands without releasing them in a given set of time. Who so ever gets released first is the winner of the game. In case the group size is big to perform, break down into smaller groups but with closed eyes till their both hand are tied to each other.

Objective: Great team building activity for communication, teamwork, and planning. Which results in lot of fun, discussions, and memories

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