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Never Set a Goal or a Target in Your Life

How many of you have seen any successful person saying that they have planned this or had set a goal and thus they are here? 

Never Set a Goal or a Target in Your Life

Thursday October 12, 2017,

4 min Read

Yes, you read it right. If you really want to live a happy and a successful life where definition of success has been defined by you and not by other, it is very crucial to make sure that you don’t have any target or goal in your life. This sounds sarcastic but it is not. I know many of you must be thinking that if there is no goals, meaning there is no achievements and if there is not achievements then how a person can be called as successful or a happy person. Let me explain you all this with very simple and effective idea of living a happy life.

Let us start with a question first and the question is;

How many of you have seen any successful person saying that they have planned this or had set a goal and thus they are here?

Let me remind you all that you name any big name from any industry for that matter, those biggies always quote one things in common and i.e. that they have never thought that they will reach to this height of success but what they have always focused upon doing those things which they enjoy to do. They have lived the journey rather than worrying about the destination. And while enjoying their journeys, without noticing they have reached to this height of success. You take any interview of any big successful person; this quote is almost always part of their talk.

I am sure many of you got the idea as to what I am talking about. But for those who still have to understand this, let me explain this to you. The whole point here is about living and enjoying the journey, doing what you want to do, what you love to do and when you are enjoying what you are doing, you will automatically go on and on to the ladder of success without running behind success. Please mind, you are already happy as you have chosen to do what you wanted to do, what can give you happiness, what you enjoy to do.

The same can be understood in this ways too. See, when you set a target in your life or a goal in your life then what happens next. The very next thing is that you start working hard or in other sense let’s call it that you die hard to make sure that you reach that target. Considering all positive thoughts, let’s assume that you have reached your goal or set target.

But after that what?

I will tell you. You will have parties because you have achieved something you have targeted for, you will receive lots of best wishes, and may be few days of relaxation and after that you are set for your very next target.

Please understand one target then another target then other target and so on so forth. But what we need to derive from this whole life is that you have actually enjoyed or felt successful only when you reached your goal and until then you were actually just dying to be there. Please understand, rather than living your most of life has gone dying to achieve something or other.

He is not giving to his life rather he is taking from his life:

Let’s say there is a guy working as manager in some MNC and he has a vision of being a CEO of any such company. I am sure; most of us would have similar visions. What would be his next target, to be Sr. Manager may be. Once he becomes senior manager in some 1-2 years, he will target to be Chief Manager and then a target of being Asst. General Manager and then Deputy General Manager and then General Manger. His vision is way far still and thus he starts giving more (started dying to be there) to his life but actually he is not giving to his life rather he is taking from his life while trying to achieve these targets and i.e. his happiness, his enjoyments, his actual life. Ask any such guy if you are not able to associate with this, he will agree to what I am saying.

Having said all that, the whole idea of writing this article to let you all know that it’s not targets or goals which can lead to a happy or successful life, rather it’s the journey which leads to a successful and happy life; A journey where you are doing what you love to do and what you enjoy to do without fearing or worrying about the final destination.

Live the journey guys, not the targets.  

Never Give Your 100%, Live Your Journey Not Goal

Never Give Your 100%, Live Your Journey Not Goal