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Is BJP going to win UP polls behind Modi?

Every political party in the state curiously awaiting results.

Thursday March 09, 2017,

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KANPUR: By the massive support being extended to the BJP’s main leader Narendra Modi, the party seems to have won the UP elections. He is entirely self-dependent, concerned and understanding if we focus on his personality. Whatever his whim or the temperament, his views on surgical strike and demonetization remained static. The party workers regard him as a hard-working leader and that’s why the voters have favoured him. It is also because of this quality the party men seem to think of celebrating the festival of Holi with this imminent or feasible victory. The prominent political parties' spokespersons were seen indulging in arguments among one another in regard to their respective wins on the TV channels. 

Will it be a reality in days to come? There is no mistaken the belief that the saffron party strongly desires to gain the victory. The BJP counts on its core support base of the urban voters, the youth and general caste voters along with an option of non-Jatav Dalits votes. The urban votes can swing in its favour because of Modi’s rhetoric to a definite extent. As city denizens say, “It is always realised that we reject the sitting government to bring a new party with much expectation.” Another view claimed that there was no guarantee of the BJP’s win in view of the demonetization policy.

There was no wave in the assembly elections like the one people found in the parliamentary polls in the year 2014. Because of the no particular issue dominated in the state polls the people surely got swayed by the creed factor which emerged vital point in the leading leaders’ speeches in different cities of the largely populated state. One well-informed citizen pointed out, “The question remained unanswered so far as to who or whom would be our real supporter. The party leaders attempted with all their intellects to sway us.” Another cultured person said, “That time was over now when we used to vote for on hints. We knew it very well that it was totally our prerogative.” Further, there came the reaction of some positive supports to the saffron party as a group of white-collared men stated that there was no harm to test the BJP in the state government. Their answers were short and precise though they adopted a well thought-out response.

Turning towards the youth supporters we concluded that their tilt did not go towards one party. If we saw some of them supporting to the BJP there were staunch supporters of the Samajwadi Party. “How can we disregard Akhilesh who provided us laptop and various other facilities? Prominent among them are an improvement in the power supply system and the road constructions. While others despite cautious of the BJP’s fascinating promises felt a little cheated during the completion of Modi’s rule at the Centre. However, die-hard young supporters of the BJP still want its success as several of them insisted on the possible victory.

One local leader responded, “There was no certainty of the BJP’s gaining 202 seats yet there was also doubt over opposition parties nearing that target.” Supporting his observation, quite a lot of political workers felt that there was an expectation of the coalition government this time. No single political party is going to achieve that kind of majority in the state elections which had been attained by the BJP in the year of 2014. Although the voting percentage has definitely reached to a better level yet did not indicate of one party secures 35 percent votes more than other top parties. Such vote share can lead the party to form a government on its own, as surveys report.

Though Modi has accepted a wrap from a Muslim organisation by putting on his head in course of his campaigning, it is not known whether the votes of the Muslims have swung towards his party. He is well aware of the fact. That is why no Muslim candidate has got a chance to contest on the saffron ticket. Out of 403 seats, more than half of the seats need to be obtained and the political gazers are considerately calculating with their mathematical measurements. Who will ultimately come out with flying colours is yet to be cleared?  

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