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#5 Growth hacking tools for your business.

A list of 5 growth hacking tools that will help you leverage your brand reach.

#5 Growth hacking tools for your business.

Monday December 19, 2016,

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Be it a start-up which is in its nascent stage of development or an established players, everyone needs to go digital in this era. Digital tools seem to have taken the world by storm as they offer en-masse reach with just the click of the button. Though there are plentiful digital tools in the market that are freely available, there are quite a handful of tools that are indispensable. Take a look at these Digital Marketing tools that every business would require.

#5: Google Keyword Planner:

Keyword planner is one indispensable tool that every business that is aspiring to have a strong digital presence must possess. Though Google Keyword Planner is primarily used for paid campaigns, data from Google Keyword Planner can also help you refine your SEO. With an in-depth record of statistics, you can use Google Keyword Planner to hunt for the perfect keyword. Not simply that, you can use Google Keyword Planner to scrutinize and analyze how a list of keywords may perform.


#4: Google Analytics:

If you wish to analyze how your business performs, then Google Analytics will certainly come be your perfect companion. Using Google Analytics, you can gain key insights on the performance of your website. Also, using Google Analytics, your business can also gather intelligent data to make suitable business decisions. Not simply that, Google Analytics can also help you with certain remarketing activities as you can gain customer insights.


#3: Canva:

A picture, as everyone says, speaks a thousand words. So, if you are looking to create a storm using visuals and graphics, Canva can come in handy for you. For a simple blog post or a marketing collateral, use Canva and create aesthetic designs. That apart, the tool can also come in into play if you are looking to create infographics, invitations, and flyers.


#2: Hubspot CRM Software:

Customer Relationship Management, commonly referred to as CRM is one vital activity that every business must focus upon. Though there is a host of CRM Software, Hubspot seems to be one of the prominent CRM Software that most businesses use. The integrated platform serves as a comprehensive platform for Web analytics, Search Engine Optimization along with CRM. Additionally, Hubspot is renowned for its inbound marketing tools.


#1: Mailchimp

If you are looking to automate all your emails and if you are looking to integrate your campaigns to a single platform, Mailchimp will certainly be your ideal companion. Through Mailchimp, you can get insights about your subscribers. Further, with the integrated platform enables you to send content in the form of Email newsletters, Email Templates and Email banners.


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