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What are C and UNIX

Learn C and Unix programming from FITA experts. Develop 3D effects, build desktop applications, games with best features. 

Monday May 29, 2017,

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History of C

C is a middle-level language developed by Dennis Ritchie in 1972 at Bell Labs. It is a popular programming language. All over the world, there is a great demand for C programmers. It is a procedure oriented language and C++ is an object oriented language. The user creates functions or procedures to perform their task. C language is efficient and easy to understand; also it follows algorithms to produce the results.

C language is also used for embedded hardware programming. C is the basic one for all programming, without C it is difficult to perform some calculations. C programming has user defined and system generated functions. C compiler has header files and that helps to develop the program in a simple way. Know how to compose the coding with C Training in Chennai, without learning C programming it was difficult to grab the job in IT world.

Easy to Learn

C language syntax is easily understandable. If, else, switch, main, go to, etc., we are using this keyword in our daily life to convey our messages.

Portable and Speed

C language is portable and you can carry this one in your Pen Drive or Floppy Drive. It is easy to install and we change over their coding at anyplace. It occupies space around 4-5 MB also it compiles 1000 lines of code in a few seconds.


C++ is an object-oriented programming language. It is the basic one for C#, Java, .net, etc. C++ helps to create office applications, games, operating systems, video editors, etc. Whether if you are fresher or already have some knowledge in C, we are here to train you. Become a master in coding and get a successful career in IT domain. Build your very first application with extraordinary features and check it before launching into the play store. C++ Programming course will be helpful to learn all those concepts in C and C++.

C and C++ coding is now used for

1. System programming (Database engines, Operating Systems, Embedded, Device Drivers, etc.)

2. Writing compilers

3. Web Development

4. Desktop Applications

5. PC games

6. Console Games

7. Graphics, etc.


UNIX is an operating system used in servers, workstations, mobile devices, etc. Switch your career in the programming world. C, C++, and UNIX play a major role in today’s IT world. FITA experts offer great training from basic level to advanced level. Learn how to shell scripts with the 10+ years of experienced professionals. Learn UNIX commands from UNIX Training in Chennai experts from top MNC’s gives great career guidance for the freshers.